212 Nightclub - Ho Chi Minh City

By Jakarta100bars
212 is the newest Vietnamese nightclub in Saigon. It is exclusive and faux-riche, yet very fun. It is packed with hot Vietnamese girls with ample cleavage who are dressed up in tight mini-skirts. Guys are quite young, and they seem to be spending money they didn't earn themselves. The music is very loud: It is Vietnam-style house meaning the beat is faster than usual.

You cannot really go there and only have a drink at the bar. You need to book in advance and buy at least a bottle, preferably a few. You should come at least 3 people and ask for 3 lady companions. Also, give tips to the waiters and bouncers to make sure you are well-treated.

Overall: This is not a place for everybody. Most foreigners will hate the superficial, tacky atmosphere. Personally I enjoy it but I need a few drinks before entering and I cannot stay more than 2 hours.

212 Nightclub Saigon - "Las Vegas"
212 Nguyễn Trãi, District 1
Ho Chi Minh City
Phone number 08 6680 8668

Facebook: 212 Nightclub

Open and busy every day from 9pm to 4am

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  1. "You should come at least 3 people and ask for 3 lady companions." You mean they have hostess? Thanks.