Station Top 10 is a nightclub located on the 6th floor of Tunjungan Plaza Mall in Surabaya. Also spelled "Stasiun", it belongs to the same group behind Top 10 Coyote Bar.

Station is a middle class venue that most people visit to take drugs. You will normally be offered ecstasy as soon as you enter (price around Rp350,000 for one). The music is fast-paced techno that you won't be able to enjoy unless you are high. The place is quite dark and it has an underground feel. Very few foreigners visit it so you will be an attraction there.

You have sexy dancers several times in the evening but they seem to keep their bras on at all time. Many freelance prostitutes available but it can be hard to see what they look like in the dark. Most girls will ask you for ecstasy which can be a bit annoying.

It closes around 4am. If you like Station you may also want to try Kowloon in Surabaya Plaza.

Station Top 10 Surabaya
Lantai 6, Tunjungan Plaza
Jalan Basuki Rahmat No.8-12,
Surabaya, East Java

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