If you are familiar with 5-star business accommodation in Asia, you know many of these prestigious hotels have a bar or a nightclub where freelance prostitutes can offer their services without being disturbed.

On the contrary, the management of these venues often encourages working girls by giving them a free entrance and free drinks.

The tolerance of the hotel managers/owners for prostitution activities within their walls may seem surprising. These are famous, reputed brands such as Hyatt, Hilton, or Intercontinental, and yet they facilitate an often illegal business.

It is actually very logical and it can be explained easily.

First, most of the clients in these hotels are males who are traveling alone, usually for business purposes. For them, the availability of (paid) sex is the main reason they will choose a brand over another. Any hotel with a happening pick-up bar is guaranteed a high-level of occupancy.

Second, many clients prefer staying in hotels that have in-house bars so they can be certain they will be girl-friendly. They will feel more comfortable bringing a girl back to their room: That's what other guests do and the staff is used to it. In the morning, the same people won't feel too ashamed of going to breakfast with a girl half their age and wearing a mini-skirt from the day before.

Finally, those bars are money-making machines: They are packed every night, particularly during weekdays because that's when business people are traveling. They can charge pretty much any prices they want since the expenses can be claimed to the company. And they draw an important crowd from outside, interested in meeting with hookers and willing to spend hundreds of dollars on alcoholic drinks.

The famous 5-star hotel chains are rather discreet about all this. They are probably afraid that too much publicity would draw the ire of some feminist groups. I'm doing a favor to the latter by listing below all the most famous prostitute bars and nightclubs in Asia that are located inside 5-star and luxury hotels. Note that this is not organized prostitution: All girls are freelancers who have no affiliation with the hotels. In some places, they make up for 95% of the total women crowd while in others, they are a small minority.

I could not find much information for cities like Osaka, Tokyo, Taipei, Delhi and Mumbai. Please leave a comment below if there is a hotel bar you recommend there.

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Intercontinental Hotel - Mixx Discotheque
This Bangkok nightclub is one of the most popular in the city. There are 2 dance floors, one with hip-hop and one with EDM. Very expensive but pretty escorts everywhere, among which many are Russian.

Grand Hyatt Erawan - Spasso (CLOSED)
You will find here classy escorts asking for 150$-200$ for sex. Clients are mostly white male above 40. Live band every night.

Climax is another famous freelance club but it is located in the basement of a mid-range hotel, Ambassador. Same thing with Ruamchitt Plaza Hotel (40$ per night), just above the freelance bar Thermae.

More about Bangkok nightlife: 30 Best nightclubs in Bangkok.
Very crowded live music and DJ bar. It is unique to my knowledge in Asia for the number of prostitutes' nationalities. I would say you have girls from at least 20 countries on any given night. Most are Thai, Filipinas, Indonesian, Vietnamese and Chinese. Many African girls as well.

Cé La Vi on top of Marina Bay Sands has always some prostitutes too.

Two bars in Jakarta get most of the business crowd in the city. CJ's is more expensive and popular with an Arab, Chinese and Indian crowd while BATS is full of European, Australian and American executives. Both have dozens and dozens of working girls and live music every night of the week.

Shangri La Surabaya - Desperados
One of the few bars with foreigners in Surabaya, you'll find local live music, steaks and several friendly prostitutes. It is laid-back and fun, just like the rest of the city.

Kuala Lumpur
Hilton KL: Zeta Bar
Crowded with expats, this bar is the best place in KL for live music. You also have many women, most of them above 30 and a few prostitutes too (Indonesian). More information: Read my guide about Kuala Lumpur Nightlife.

Caravelle Hotel - Saigon-Saigon Bar
Owned by the Vietnamese government, this rooftop bar always has some money-oriented women, especially on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. It is discreet though as you would expect in Vietnam.
You also generally have high-class Vietnamese escorts in the bars of the luxury hotel-casinos such as Catwalk in New World Hotel Saigon. To access those places you must be a foreigner and bring your passport.

Previously called Palladium and then Paradis, this nightclub has a mixed crowd of both normal girls and prostitutes. It is not so crowded though except on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

Though this is hardly the only hotel bar in Shanghai with escorts, it is a favorite because of the amazing view and sophisticated design. You also have a large tourist and expat women crowd.

One of the most famous pick-up bars in Beijing. Great for meeting pros and normal girls. Rooftop location with live music every night. Beware of lady boys.

W Guangzhou: Fei Ultralounge
This trendy club has a foreign cover band every night playing top 40 songs. They usually have some semi-pros looking for wealthy foreigners sitting at the bar.

Grand Hyatt Seoul - JJ Mahoney's Seoul
This club has existed for years and it is still very popular with foreigners. Though most girls are not professional, you can always find a few ladies asking between $300 and $500 for a night in your room.

The Venetian Macau - Bellini and MGM Macau - Lion's Bar
Both are similar: Expensive, inside 5-star hotels, next to the casinos, with good live bands and many tourists. 

Parkroyal Yangon by PanPacific - Club 5
This is probably the best place in all Myanmar to hook up with beautiful local girls. Their number is limited by the management to only 20 per night so it's better to go there early.

This popular nightclub is mostly crowded with Burmese but you have some expats and tourists as well. Gorgeous girls available for a cheap price.

Sedona Hotel - Ice Bar
This bar is similar to Club 5 but less crowded. It is popular with businessmen from neighboring Asian countries. Live music every night.

Phnom Penh
Naga World Hotel and Casino - Darlin' Darlin'
The most expensive nightclub in Phnom Penh, it is next to the casino and mostly crowded with Japanese guests. Girls are very pretty but pricey.

Hong Kong
LKF Hotel by Rhombus - Azure
Chic rooftop bar that also serves food. Quiet during the week, it is better to go after midnight.

Do you think I forgot to mention a famous hotel bar? Please leave a comment below to help me complete this list.

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17 comments to '' 5-Star Hotels in Asia and the Business of Prostitution "

  1. I've been to Azure Bar at LKF Hotel, Hong Kong many times. It is very high end rooftop bar comparable to Skye or Cloud in Jakarta. I can't say I've ever seen any working girls there. If there is they're very discreet and high class. I would avoid the Hotel bars in HK which are fairly tame by Asian standards and head straight to the red light district in Wan Chai where you can find anything you need.

  2. You forgot Living Room in Marriott Hotel in Singapore...

  3. The pay for play scene in Surabaya: not much to speak of in this regard. The main place for freelancer hooker action is Desperado’s Bar at the Shangri-La Hotel. The hotel looks slightly outdated these days and was probably built around thirty years ago. After entering the lobby there’s an escalator to the left which takes you down to the basement level and the bar is around to the right. The bar itself, Desperado’s, is aptly named as a more motley bunch of hookers I’ve yet to see in any of the five star hotel bars I’ve been to in Asia. Brix and Spasso it is not and the girls although friendly enough are a bunch of overweight, cigarette puffing munters. The prices they’re asking are also totally ridiculous given their fairly average looks and portly demeanours. I had one girl quote me USD 300 for some short time action and I just about choked on my beer as the words rolled off her tongue. I was considering asking her what planet she was from but decided it was pointless given her total conviction in what she was telling me. The bottom line is the girls who ply their trade at desperado’s are overweight, overpriced, bordering on ugly and stink of cigarette smoke.

  4. how about taipei?

  5. The Living Room (Marriott hotel bar) in Singapore is long gone - it's now a restaurant. All those working ladies moved down the street to the Brix at the Grand Hyatt

  6. Desperados is the best Bar in Surabaya. Ask for Eva. Just fantastic.

  7. It's that true for Myanmar?
    I was go piano bar about 10 times before I don't read this article, but I don't seen girls like u say.... at least one. Please reply me and how to find girls for sex like ur article... Thanks. And sorry about my comment. I don't wanna say to ur article is false!
    I only wanna know how to find that girls for night in piano bar. Thanks &
    Sorry about my words.

  8. Bar Trigona in the Four Seasons is a great place to meet plenty of quality girls. Mainly Malaysian Chinese, but some naughty feral Malay girls too. A little pricey, but worth it for the quality. If Mimie is there, you are in for a treat

  9. I can confirm Bangkok Intercontinental and Singapore Hyatt, which are exactly as described here. However, CJs and BATS in Jakarta are much better, for variety of choice and much less farangs. On the other hand, there are NO working girls in Saigon Caravelle, and it is not a girl friendly hotel

  10. In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia you have Q Bar (Westin Hotel) KYO (Mandrin Hotel), Hard Rock Cafe (Concord Hotel), Beach Club is closed, so new places may open up.

    1. Zeta on KL is still closed post pandemic

  11. BATS opens Tuesday to Sunday IK Jakarta CJ’s is still closed. A lot of similar action at Basque in Jakarta

  12. Brix will close for some months now. Where so these girls go now?

    Are there any girls at Capella or Mandarin?


  13. I here intercom Bangkok is closed for renovation. Is the MIXX still operational
    Any similar recommendations for Hanoi?

  14. I would like to know where to find women in Singapore , Thailand and Hong Kong. High class women.