Ikan Bakar Mas Jammuz (Gesing Beach - Yogyakarta)

By Tibs
Ikan Bakar "Mas Jammuz" is a local seafood warung with an amazing view on Gesing Beach, one of the most beautiful white sand beaches in all Java (the first photo above was taken from the table we were eating at).

It is not easy to reach it though, you'll need to drive about 1h30min from Yogyakarta on a tiny, yet brand new road. The trip itself is fun and you'll go trough small villages, forests and various plantations. You can rent a motorbike in Yogyakarta for that (Rp60,000 for the day).

Mas Jammuz serves all kind of fishes (depending on what is available on that day), cooked Jimbaran style. It isn't fine dining but it is very cheap. We just paid Rp37,000 for two and we ate all this:
If you are traveling in Yogyakarta and planning a day at the beach, avoid Parangtritis and do the effort of visiting Gesing beach instead. Once there, one of the best things you can do is eating a grilled fish in Mas Jammuz restaurant.

Ikan Bakar Mas Jammuz
Phone number: 0821 3369 4714

More pictures of Gesing Beach:
Going down to the beach
Ikan Bakar Mas Jammuz is located in the building on top of the hill
The view from the other side of the restaurant

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