If you come to Jakarta for partying as a group of friends, for instance for a bachelor party, it is a good idea to book an entire apartment instead of a normal hotel.

First, you can make great savings by splitting the cost of your stay among a few friends. Second, staying in an apartments make it easier to organize a party at home before heading out. This can save you more money especially if you buy a few bottles of spirits at the airport before flying to Jakarta (1 bottle per person allowed).

Even if you don't know anybody in the city yet, spend an hour on Tinder or any other popular dating sites as soon as your plane lands. I guarantee that if you are friendly and not creepy, you can easily get a girl and her friends to join your party. The key word here is "not creepy": Just be cool, don't expect anything else than a fun evening. You will see that the promise of free booze and pizza in a nice downtown apartment can make you very popular. 

There are dozens of apartments in Jakarta for rent. The ones below are the most recommended, either because they are luxurious or because they offer exceptional value for money. I ranked them starting from the best.

The Residences of Ritz Carlton
Staying in the Ritz Carlton in Pacific Place is actually not that expensive if you stay in their residences.

A 2-bedroom apartment cost less than $300, which is reasonable once you split that in two. The breakfast is included in the price too.

Even if it is over your budget, you have to consider the advantages of staying in one of the most exclusive hotels in Jakarta, walking distance from some of the most popular bars and nightclubs in the city. 

Check the current price on Agoda: Ritz Carlton Pacific Place Residences

Fraser Residence Menteng
This hotel is the one of the best in Jakarta if you plan on staying in an apartment. It is new, luxurious and centrally-located (10 minutes from Grand Indonesia).

It has 90m2 apartments with 2 bedrooms that are well-equipped and clean. Price starts at $180 per night.

You can also check Fraser Residence Sudirman which is slightly more expensive but closer from malls and clubs.

Check on Agoda: Fraser Sudirman

Ascott Kuningan
This brand new hotel is located in Ciputra World 1, a complex that includes Lotte Mall, the DBS Office Tower and the Raffles Hotel.

2-bedroom apartments in Ascott Kuningan are great but they are pricey. You'll have to pay over $300 per night without breakfast.

Check the current price on Agoda: Ascott Kuningan

The Mayflower Jakarta
This high-rise property is managed by Marriott. The location is fantastic, straight on Jalan Sudirman, and the price not excessive for a 5-star property. Very recommended for a bachelor party.

They have 2 kinds of 2-bedroom apartments with size 106m2 and 135m2 both under $220 per night. Great city view from the sunken bathtub! It also has an indoor swimming pool for those afraid to get tanned.

On weekends, they currently have a promo: Free breakfast for 2.

Check the current price on Agoda: The Mayflower by Marriott

Morrissey Hotel
Morrissey is also very well-located near Sarinah Mall and only 5 minutes from Plaza Indonesia. It is a 4-star property with a nice restaurant on its ground floor called Ocha and Bella.

You can book an apartment for up to 5 people with 3 single beds and 1 queen bed (size 88m2) but the price is steep at $400.

The bathroom includes a sunken shower tub.

Check the current price on Agoda: Morrissey Serviced Apartments

Aston Kuningan Suites
This is an excellent value-for-money property in the heart of Jakarta, near from the nightlife, malls and restaurants.

They have a 2-bedroom apartment for under $150 and a huge 240m2 penthouse with 2 king size beds for under $400.

The penthouse is great if you need to make a bachelor party but beware they don't serve alcohol. If you need some you can download the food delivery app "HappyFresh" (or order directly from the site). You can buy wine, liquor and beer from it until 9-10pm.

Check the current price on Agoda: Aston Kuningan Suites

Ascott Tanah Abang
The Ascott is a luxury serviced apartment tower only 3 minutes away from Grand Indonesia (the most popular mall in Jakarta).

I recommend you the 2-bedroom executive (125m2) with 2 single beds and 1 double bed. The apartment includes everything you need for a few days including a large living room, a kitchen and a washing machine.

Price starts at $250 a night.

Check the current price on Agoda: Ascott Tanah Abang

Aryaduta Semanggi Hotel
The Aryaduta Hotel is next to Plaza Semanggi and near Jalan Sudirman/Jalan Gatot Subroto.

It features several apartments types including 2-bedrooms and 3-bedrooms. All of them have kitchen, bathtub, washing machine and living room.

The price for 3-bedroom apartments start $160 per night. If you want something decent, close from nightclubs, for an affordable price, this is one of the best choices in Jakarta.

Check the current price on Agoda: Aryaduta Semanggi

Batavia Apartments
Another popular choice for clubbers are the Batavia Apartments. This residence is just a few minutes away from Jalan Sudirman, the main avenue in Jakarta. From there, it is easy to reach Plaza Indonesia or Plaza Senayan.

You have several types of apartments including a 3-bedroom Penthouse and a 4-bedroom suite. You can get the Penthouse for less than $200 for up to 6 people including 3 breakfast.

Check the current price on Agoda: Batavia Apartments

Somerset Berlian
This 4-star serviced-apartment building is approximately 10 minutes from Plaza Senayan and Jalan Sudirman. 

It has 3 bedroom apartments with a price ranging from $150 to $250. Each room is comfortable and well-equipped. It was built several years ago so don't expect brand new amenities and furniture though.

There is another Somerset property near Ambassador Mall / Ciputra which is perfect for clubbers. It is not well-maintained though and quite expensive.

Check the current price on Agoda: Somerset Berlian and Somerset Grand Citra

Aston Rasuna
The hotel is starting to get old, but it is very close from nightclubs and bars. The price for the 2-bedroom apartment is fantastic. Some weekends you can get one for under $80. Excellent value-for-money.

Check the current price on Agoda: Aston Rasuna

Puri Casblanca
This hotel is close from Rasuna Said street and next to Kota Kasablanka mall. It is next to a cemetery so if you get scared easily you may want to avoid.

The 2-bedroom apartments are relatively small and expensive, but watch out for discounts they may have. I've seen them giving 50% off on Agoda during low season.

Check the current price on Agoda: Puri Casablanca

The Bellezza Suites
This property is not the best for party-goers as it is usually crowded with families, especially on weekends. It is located in the South of Jakarta in Permata Hijau, about 10 minutes from Senayan.

It can be a decent option if you need a good-value 4-star three bedroom apartment. Price start at $190 per night.

Check the current price on Agoda: The Bellezza Suites

Grand Tropic Suites Hotel
While it is a rather old hotel with outdated furniture, the Grand Tropic offers excellent value for money with a 3-bedroom apartment that cost only $130 per night.

Their 132m2 Family Suite can accommodate up to 6 people (2 single beds and 2 double beds). It comes with a bathtub, a living room, a kitchen and a dining room.

The location in Grogol is not central but it is within an easy reach from the airport and only 20 minutes from Senayan (on average).

Check the current price on Agoda: Grand Tropic Suites

Aston Marina and Aston Pluit (North Jakarta)
Aston Marina Hotel is a bit old with some maintenance issues but if you are on a budget it is a good option.

They have 80m2 2-bedroom apartments with 1 double bed and 2 single beds for less than $125.

It is located relatively close from the airport in North Jakarta. It is far from nightlife spots like X2, Immigrant or Dragonfly, but close from the red-light district in Kota. Alexis is very nearby.

A very similar option is the Aston Pluit.

Check the current price on Agoda: Aston Marina and Aston Pluit

If you have any more questions about my list of the best apartments for nightlife and party in Jakarta, please leave a comment below.

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  1. hello sir.
    do you know if places above has noisy rules? we plan to make a private party with a dj. so its gonna be loud.
    thanks before.

  2. Hello, i don't think the hotels would allow for a very noisy party... what I meant in the review was some pre-drinks with a few people only...

    if you want to make a real private party, it's better to book a karaoke room, for instance in Illigals nightclub or Colosseum...

  3. Lived in Jakarta for 1 year in 2012. What a dump !! There are some nice bars but don't expect to go to many in one night. Traffic is horrendous. Also loud mosques are so annoying. Go to BKK. 100 times better.

  4. Hey Thibaud, Great Idea & good illustration! Though from the gist of the article I assume so, yet would like to know if these apartments are girl-friendly? Assuming I wish to take a girl back from Loewy, in your opinion, could there be any issues?

    1. Hi Manshu, thanks... Yes of course they are all guest-friendly... surprisingly, Jakarta is pretty relaxed about this compared to Malaysia or Vietnam for instance...

  5. Hey Thibaud,

    was wondering how much for a private karaoke room in illigals or colloseoum incl 2 girls and a bottle or two
    we are a group of 6 people


    1. Hi there, I haven't been there in a while, but it should be around IDR4,000,000 on weekend and a bit less on weekdays... The 4,000,000 are a minimum spend, so basically 2 bottles of alcohol + some mixers...

  6. Hi Thibaut just dropping by to say what an awesome website this is and I salute ur dedication. Im a Jakartan night-goer myself... Maybe we should hangout one night lol

    1. Sure just send me an email, I'll be in Jakarta in September this year...

  7. Hi Thibaud....
    Im staying at The Mayflower for 3 nights
    And i was wondering does this property has a lounge or bar with freelancer girls like BAT in shangrila?!

    1. Hi Patrick... no it doesn't have one... it's not far from Shangri-La, you can go there by cab in just 10-15 minutes...

  8. Hi thibaud..thanks for this best blog boss..i want to ask ur opinion..
    Im setting up a 3night private party for my partner of 15 pax all boys..planning to BO lot of girl from KC and Mali.
    U have any suggest of villa/bungalows to make these event?
    thanks bro
    As i read this article,id prefer not to saperate the boys by taking 3 4 apartment uve recommended

  9. hi thibaud ,i foremost thank you for a wonderful blog and by using this had visited jakarta in feb 2017 and visting again next month for a week with a couple of friends.do not want to stay in a hotel so looking at apartments hotels or airbnb with 3 bedroomsnear the night activities .which one would you suggest .we are visiting from 13th to 19 november if you are in jakarta we could hangout together.thanks in advance