Many of the Jakarta hotels listed on this review are hidden brothels with plus plus spas, karaoke and nightclubs inside.

I also wrote about hotels with freelance prostitution bars and those located in red-light districts or walking distance from famous naughty nightlife spots (brothels, massage parlours, karaokes).

Regarding short-time and girl-friendly hotels in Jakarta, as I mentioned in my Jakarta Hotel Guide, almost all of them are guest-friendly. The only exceptions are family-run guest-houses with shariah rules. Apart from these, the main difficulties you may face are limited to the "walk of shame" and the need for your girl to bring an ID card with her.

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Sex Hotels with Massage Parlours Plus Plus
Sexy Dancers in B'Fashion Hotel
Those are true bordellos. You go there and you can basically either go to their spas or ask for a girl to go directly to your room (when available).

Orchardz Hotels
Orchardz Hotels are one of the best options for sex hotels in Jakarta. There are currently 4 in the city with each a good spa that includes hot pools, jacuzzi, sauna and hammam. The massages provided are very hot: Body-to-body massage, Nuru, Ice and Fire Blowjobs, etc...

Book Now: Orchardz Hotel Bandara near airport, Orchardz Industri in Mangga Dua and Orchardz Pangeran Jayakarta in Glodok.

Grand Orchardz Rajawali in Kemayoran is the newest and most luxurious branch of the group. It has just opened in 2018. The spa will open in December only.

B'Fashion Hotel
This hotel has a busy spa, a karaoke and a nightclub called Oppai. Massage services are similar to those you can get in Orchardz properties. For the lounge, you have regular sexy dancers and striptease where the girls go full nude.
Book Now: B Fashion Hotel

Tematik Spa
Another naughty hotel, you can go to their club to see naked dancers or have a topless massage in the spa. Facilities are not as nice as in B'Fashion and Orchardz.
Book Now: Tematik Spa and Hotel

Twin Plaza Hotel
The Twin Plaza Hotel is considered an "entertainment hotel". It is a bit run-down and the spa/karaoke is not so busy anymore. It is in a relatively good location though, just between the airport and the city center.
Book Now: Twin Plaza Hotel

Hotel Grand Mercure Harmoni
Named Sparadise, the spa in the Grand Mercure Harmoni Hotel is reputed for its plus plus massages. It seems some therapists are willing to have sex with customers too depending on the tip they get. Note that none of the sexual services are part of the SOP, everything is under the table.
Book Now: Grand Mercure Jakarta Harmoni

Hotel Aston Cengkareng
This hotel, near Taman Palem Mall, is just 20 minutes away from the airport. It is connected to the Terminal II Spa and KTV. More about it on my article about Taman Palem Nightlife.
Book Now: Aston Cengkareng

UPDATE 2016: You can now book online the famous Classic Hotel. It is only available on Agoda at the moment: Classic Hotel Jakarta.

Hotels with Karaokes (and Ladies)
These hotels have karaokes where you can choose a lady companion or LC. 

Hotel Grand Paragon
Paragon Karaoke is one of the most exclusive in Jakarta. They have a huge selection of rooms, some of which include a bedroom where you are free to do whatever you want. Lots of very sexy and pretty girls too.
Book Now: Grand Paragon Hotel

Sparks Life Hotel
Sparks Hotel used to have the first thematic spa in Jakarta but they closed it down a year ago. They still have a karaoke which is quite popular. Note that the owner is the same as both Alila hotel and Illigals club.
Book Now: Sparks Hotel

Hotel Whiz Prime
Level V is owned by the same group behind King Cross and Malioboro. It is a luxury karaoke with many pretty hostesses. Some karaoke rooms have beds.
Book Now: Whiz Prime Kelapa Gading

Golden Boutique Hotel
You have two Golden Boutique Hotels in Jakarta, one in Melawai (also near from the karaokes of Little Tokyo's red light district) and one in Angkasa in Gunung Sahari. They both have girly karaokes.
Book Now: Golden Boutique Hotel Angkasa and Golden Boutique Hotel Melawai

Hotel Olympic/Olimpic
In the heart of Lokasari's red-light district, Hotel Olympic is famous for having a VIP karaoke which is popular with high-ranking officials. One of the reasons is that it is very discreet as you can access it directly from the parking area. The hotel also has a massage parlour plus plus.
Book Now: Olympic Hotel

You can also check: Grand Asia Hotel (the KTV is called The Dragon Phoenix) and Hotel Coin in Sunter.

Hotels near Girlie Clubs, Bars and Karaokes
Thai girls line-up in Club 36, next to Jayakarta Hotel
Located next to famous party spots within red-light areas, they are naturally all girl-friendly hotels.

Glodok Plaza Hotel
This hotel is located in the same building as the one-stop entertainment complex Golden Crown, one of the most famous nightclubs in North Jakarta with drugs, prostitutes and a 24h karaoke. There is also a spa.

Jayakarta Hotel
This hotel is next door to Club 36, a small bar and karaoke with striptease and Thai prostitutes.
Book Now: The Jayakarta Jakarta

Fave Hotel LTC Lindeteves
It is on the same floor as the spa in Sun City. Go down one floor and you can go to the club and karaoke.
Book Now: Favehotel Ltc Glodok

Novotel Mangga Dua/Neo Mangga Dua/Amaris Square/Ibis
Mangga Dua Square has many hotels and it also has Sense, one of Jakarta's best karaokes.
Book Now: NovotelAmarisIbis StylesHotel Neo

Amos Cozy and Hotel Neo Melawai
Both are within the small Japanese red light district of Little Tokyo in Melawai, near Blok M.
D'Cozie Hotel by Prasanthi and Amazing Hotel
Both are next to Falatehan Street, famous street with a lot of girlie bars full of expats.
Hotels Walking Distance from Massage Plus Plus and Brothels
D'Prima Hotel Mangga Dua
Just next to Delta Spa in Mangga Dua.
Book Now: D'Primahotel Mangga Dua

7 Days Hotel
Next to Lokasari and its massage parlours, karaokes and clubs.
Book Now: 7 Days Hotel Taman Sari

Hotel 88 Mangga Besar 62
Next to the massage parlour Oasis, where you can order a body to body, Thai-style massage.
Red Top and Alila Hotel
Both are just 100 meters from the strip-club Tease and the the massage parlour Emporium.
Hotel 88 Mangga Besar VIII, Royal Regal, Red Star Hotel
They are in the same street as two brothels: Kimochi and Travel Hotel.
Book Now: Hotel 88 - Mangga Besar VIIIRoyal Regal Hotel Jakarta and RedStar Hotel

Mirah Hotel
In front of Fashion Spa. You also have a karaoke and a lounge with striptease there.
Book Now: New Mirah Hotel

Antoni Hotel
It is in a dark alley not far from Illigals and from several small brothels (called Panti Pijat in Indonesian)
Book Now: Antoni Hotel

The BnB Kelapa Gading
About 200m away from several massage parlours, clubs and bordellos, including King Cross, Sumo and Delta.
Book Now: The BnB

Hotels with Freelance Prostitutes Bars
The hotel bars of these hotels are known to have working girls.

It has a bar called BATS in its basement. It's also a steak restaurant and a live music venue.
Mulia Senayan
Home of CJs bar. It is similar to BATS but slightly larger. Many prostitutes and high-end escorts.
Book Now: Hotel Mulia Senayan

You also have bars with girls in Kristal Hotel and Le Meridien (Tiga Puluh). Burgundy Bar in Grand Hyatt Hotel and Tempus Club in The Ritz-Carlton Mega Kuningan always have a few prostitutes too.

Short Time Hotel - Girl-Friendly Hotels
Most short time hotels in Jakarta are part of the same group (Menteng Group). They have a range of old hotels in poor shape and they often have a karaoke and bar. The most famous are Oasis AmirKaisarMaharadjaSentralMaharaniMenteng 1 and Menteng 2. The price is around 200,000 for 6 hours. Some require a KTP and some don't. Call in advance to check with them as the short time is not official and it can change anytime.

Another interesting transit hotel is Pondok Citra Grogol Service Apartment (known as PCG) where you can park you car right below your room in case you need privacy. A similar feature is available in BI Executive Hotel in Ancol (rooms have mirrors and porn movies as well).

You also have the C'One Hotel Plaza in Pulomas - Cempaka Putih and many hotels in Mangga Besar, for instance Hotel 55 and Hollywood Hotel. This area is probably the best if you are looking for girl-friendly or sex hotels in Jakarta. Their quality is low though and I would recommend booking a full night in a normal budget hotel instead as it would not be much more expensive.
Sexy therapist in B'Fashion Hotel & Spa

78 comments to '' Hotels With Massage Parlours in Jakarta "

  1. You could add 1001 Hotel in North Jakarta with 50 rooms on the top floor of a huge complex, you have Colosseum nightclub attached and also a spa & karaoke with indoor swimming pool party room. They also have 24 hour restaurant. You can rent room's overnight or by the hour.

  2. Sayyy, I went to prime whiz level five. They have LC, but the kareoke rooms we were shown(we check the small n medium ones) looked normal, no beds

  3. Hello Thibaud,

    I just googled reg Jakarta, couple of days ago, for
    travel/entertainment info and found your websites/blogs,
    couple of days ago, and found your website brilliant,
    with all information. Now I am checking your websites
    for hotels/bars/massage parlor info.

    I am planning to visit Jakarta for new yr eve, from
    28th Dec till 2nd Jan, 2017.

    Pls provide me assistance for my trip.

    Am looking for hotel near entertainment (karoake/massage) place.
    Budget for hotel will be some thing around USD 60-75 per day
    with breakfast. Looking at Central Jakarta, like Manhattan, Puri Denpasar,
    Kartika Chandra Legrandeur(but seems in North Jakarta).



    1. Hello Osman,

      Thank you for your email...

      I can help your choice of hotels but please book it with Agoda so I will make a commission from it... The final price does not change for you so it's a win win situation... You can just book using this link:

      If you want to be close from the massage parlors but still in the city center, I think the best area is near Sarinah Mall. It is a clean neighborhood with a lot of street food and restaurants, the biggest malls in Jakarta, and it is easy to get around. The closest massage parlors are only 15 minutes away by taxi. In that area, you can book Holiday Inn Express Wahid Hasyim.

      If you only want to be very close from the massage parlors (and therefore further from the city), a good choice is the Alila Hotel Pecenongan. You can walk to Emporium Spa from there and it is just 5 minutes by taxi from Classic, Malioboro, V2 and a few others. The city center is 10 minutes from there.

      The hotels you mentioned are more in the South, so it will take longer to go to the massage parlours (maybe 25 minutes):

      Manhattan Hotel is a good choice, very central and near the mall, but the price slightly more than you budget I think (80-85$). There is an Indian restaurant there.

      Puri Denpasar has an affordable price and in a central area (not the best one though and still a bit far from malls and food). It is also near the massage parlor Delta Gatot Subroto.

  4. Hey guys,
    My wife and I are swinging living here in Jakarta. I'm western white guy and she's sexy mid 30s Indonesian milf. If you want to meet her let me know. I will be there for her safety only. It will be free and very good sex.
    Line: jblnor

    1. Hi i would like to swing how can we meet up?

    2. Hi can I meet your wife? I am in jakarta.

    3. I will there Next week le meridien

  5. You could also add the Hotel Melawai on Jl. Melawai Raya, just to the south of Blok M. It is home to the Maribaya bar (also known as "the 6th floor") where you can select one or more girls to give you a massage, if you wish, and provide a blowjob or full sex. The hotel is 2 star, at best.

    1. I see that there are two Melawai hotels:Melawai 1 and Melawai 2. Which one has the Maribaya bar?

    2. The one on the north side of the road.

  6. New hotel in Mangga Besar next to the train station, Grand Akoya, pretty clean tiny rooms with inhouse massage service and supposedly a Love Club on the fifth floor. Call for Madame Sry on fifth floor for booking and massage service.

  7. Hi guys,

    Does anyone know if Mercure Jakarta Sabang is a guest friendly hotel?


  8. Hi
    Is sunlake.hotel.girl.friendly

  9. Which Hotels With Massage Parlours in Jakarta is ok to bring girlfriend/wife too?

    1. All of the are girl friendly

  10. Does sparks life hotel have massage options inside? Or naked girl dancing?

    1. There is massage plus but no girls dancing anymore...

  11. Hotels in Kemang with best massage service, stayed in Grand Kemang some of the girls there do extra but expensive, anywhere else in Kemang you recommend?.

  12. Wil stay in the Grandkemang in two week. Is this Hotel girl friendly?

  13. Any massage plus plus nearby four points hotel thamrin? I believe the hotel has their own massage svc but not sure if they offer plus plus svc

    1. The closest would be Mars Spa... it's walking distance but a bit dodgy.

    2. Didnt went there but i tried Illegals..sorroundings are good but any other suggestions which is better than this? Damage cost was 1mil for indo girl..but so so not really pretty

  14. Is Dharmawangsa Hotel girls friendly? Are they allow to go straight to room on their own?

    1. Yes it is girl-friendly... but it's more a family hotel on weekend so not the best for bringing your girlfriend in my opinion

  15. coming after two weeks to jakarta ... luxury hotels such as shangri la, fairmont, mullia, and etc: which one is recommended to stay in and must be girls friendly?

    1. The two best 5-star girl-friendly hotels in Jakarta are either Hotel Mulia Senayan or Shangri La. They both have prostitutes bars inside their property so you will see a lot of guys with girls there all the time.

  16. Been to delta at mangga dua and orchardz hotel spa.

    Both also no more extra services.

    Any recommendation? Need help here

    1. No extra service in Delta Mangga Dua and Orchardz Spa? Are you sure? It's hard to believe sorry.

    2. Thats what they say..

      I just went.. or maybe at front counter say no? But they have hanky panky inside?

    3. The front desk said so man..

      Any recommendation? Is it the new government issue?

    4. There must be extra service... no lie

    5. The Front Desk guy didn't have a clue. Those places have plus plus services.

  17. Delta always have HJ only. In Orchardz Industry branch, everything is available. But they stopped other massage packages like Ice mouthly and Honey massage. Same with Bfashion hotel spa.

  18. Is Harris Vertu Harmoni Girl Friendly? girl needs to provide ID & check in or can walk up to the room without any id?

  19. Anyone stay in favehotel zainul arifin before? Do you know if it's girl friendly?

    1. All Favehotel property are girlfriendly...

  20. Staying with my sexy lady at Le Grandeur Mangga Dua next week and looking to play up, never been there before does anybody know if they have girls there or where we can go for a happy ending couples massage or similar

  21. How girl friendly are hotels under Whiz and MaxOne group?

  22. They are girl-friendly.... better Whiz than MaxOne though

  23. Any good pick up places in or near mercure jakarta kota hotel?

  24. Staying at best western plus kemayoran are there any in house spas and massage parlour or anything closeby

  25. Hey Lads, would be going Closseum on friday 3rd august. I would like following:
    1) Hotel recommendation USD 80 which is girl friendly
    2) A place where i can pick up two bisexual girls to bring back to the hotel near by the club>>

  26. Hi ... i am looking for a hotel with spa and pub where i can pick girl and allowed to take to my room.

    Please suggest a hotel where i can do sight seeing in day time and action at night.

    I promise i will book though your given link only.

  27. Please suggest a hotel with spa and pub with free girl entry to the room

    I promise i will book though the link given by you only

    I want to sight seeing at day time and action at night please suggest loction according

    1. The best hotel for that is Classic Hotel and Spa

      They have a big spa, a big karaoke and 3 rooms with live music and girls

  28. cikarang holiday inn - does it have plus plus ?

  29. any good suggestions in cikarang ?

  30. I am staying in Four Season Jakarta. Closest option for erotic massage or happy ending to go during the day? At night I am with my girlfriend who is bi. Which is the best entertainment place to take her? Is Malioboro okay?

    1. Try Fortune Spa or Sagitarius.

      Yes Malioboro accepts couples.

  31. can you bring two girls to your room? at a girl friendly hotel? defenitely want a few threesomes.

    1. It depends the hotel. Most hotels in North or West Jakarta will be ok with it, especially the ones along Jalan Mangga Besar, Hayam Wuruk or Gajah Mada.

  32. Is Hotel Manhattan is girl friendly hotel? Any massage near to hotel.

    1. Yes it's girl-friendly. The nearest spa is Fortune or Sagitarius.

  33. Hi

    Thanks for your excellent work.

    I have a Seeking Arrangement date coming over to Mercure Jakarta Kota in a few days. I see you have said it's girl-friendly, but do you know exactly how it works at that hotel ?

    I'm pretty sure she's not a pro so may not want her ID to be copied at the front desk. Can she walk thru the lobby and straight into an elevator without being challenged ?

    Thanks in advance for any intel :)

    1. If your girl looks like a working girl who might cause problems, a guard might ask the ID for security. If she looks like a normal girl, I don't think there will be any issues bringing her straight to the elevator.

  34. Thanks. I was kind of hoping she would make her own way up to my room :D

    1. if the hotel has lifts that require a room key to activate it then there is no way she can come to your room herself.

  35. Is Orchardz Hotel Industri and Grand Paragon hotel has body to body massage, nuru massage or sex facilities?

    1. Yes it's written in the article

  36. Is grand Paragon hotel has body to body massage and nuru massage also?

    1. No I never heard they have this kind of massage... They just have a karaoke...

  37. Is Four Points By sheraton Jakarta Girl Friendly?

  38. any hotels in wahid hasiym with plus plus massage

    1. none to my knowledge... but you can take any hotel on wahid hasyim and then go to Sagitarius Spa or Mars Spa for a massage (both just 10 minutes away)

  39. Is it possible my girl checks in before and i join later as my flight lands late night ? Looking at fave or Ibis or red planet.

    1. Yes, at least if you book on

      After you select your room, you will see a box with the words: "Please tick if you're making this booking for someone else."

      Just put the name of your girl there so she can checkin for you.

  40. Any plus plus place near Sarinah?

  41. Hi there, is there any spa or maybe preferably hotel that does sensual couples massage? (Does plus plus massage mean only happy ending massage?)

  42. Can you recommend any 5 star hotels where the girls in the hotel spa offer massage plus? Ideally close to central but not essential

  43. Anyone have experience with massages in Ibis Slipi?

  44. In Jakarta on business, stayed at Orchardz Bandara my first night but the spa was closed. Any idea if any spas are open?