My Star Healthy Massage is a hidden bordello offering sexual services (and massages also if that's all you are asking for) in Sunter, not far from Kelapa Gading. It is not easy to find as you need to go through small streets. You have about 12 girls.

Sex is available if you choose the "Vario" package, which costs Rp435,000 net for 75 minutes inclusive of the room, a massage, HJ, BJ, FJ (with condom) and 1 soft drink. You can also do a topless/naked massage.

The girl on the picture is a therapist there. You can ask them for more photos by adding their BB Pin 2A7BD31F, 25EDEE54 and 2A3589DF. Since I imagine most of you don't have a blackberry, you can also add their whatsapp 081310795809  and 081807310798.

My Star Cheap Massage Sunter
Jalan Agung Niaga 3, Blok G 3/35
Sunter, North Jakarta

Phone number: 021-6400528 and 021-6516842

Website: My Star Sunter

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  1. Not even worth talking about... It's hilarious that you guys have to pay $40 for a handjob in a shithole like jakarta. You can find a handjob almost anywhere in the world for that price.