Lola is a new bar and lounge that just opened in December 2015 near Senopati, on Jalan Gunawarman. It is a bit hidden, below their sister Japanese restaurant FŪJIN. It is owned by the Biko Group which is also behind Beer Garden.

They are following the worldwide trend for speakeasy bars, started in Jakarta by venues like Prohibition, Artoz, Bauhaus and Nip & Dram. Since last year, you also have Hemingway and Proof.

LOLA is probably one of the best in terms of atmosphere. It looks a bit like La Favela in Bali for the dark, almost religious, latino-chic décor (though much less sophisticated). You also have some elements that resemble Potato Head Garage in SCBD.

The crowd and the music is hip and trendy. If you are a bit hipster or attracted to anything alternative, you will probably enjoy it. If you are a tourist or in Jakarta for just a few days, I think it's best to avoid though. It's quite hard to meet people and in particular girls.

They serve Southern food and specialize in Tiki cocktails. For the live music/DJ/event schedule, please check their intagram: Lola - Espiritu Y Libacion. This is also where I took the pictures.

Note: It is totally unrelated to Colette and Lola on Jalan Senopati.

Jalan Gunawarman No. 21
Senopati, Jakarta Selatan

Phone number: +62 (0) 21 27 51 3500 / 3600

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  1. I went to Lola about 2 weeks ago with my colleagues. The music was really good and the prices (I think) are reasonable. The chicks are hot and most of them are college students who will never hesitate to ask you to open a bottle for them. The bad thing is their unisex toilet which will have long queue during peak hours. Overall, Lola will be suitable if you love dark ambience.