Buying sex toys in Indonesia used to be very difficult, but today it has become more easy thanks to the internet (you can buy online on websites like Amazon):
In this review, I will answer a few questions: Are sex toys legal in Indonesia? Can I import them from abroad? Where can I buy some?

Are Sex Toys Legal In Indonesia?

NB: I am not a lawyer and I didn't study laws. The following is only my personal interpretation of the law based on internet research. If you can read Indonesian, I recommend you the following: The Legality of The Sex Toys Business in Indonesia. If you think I'm wrong, please leave me a comment below.

Officially, there are no laws specifically forbidding sex toys in Indonesia. Possessing a dildo, importing it or carrying it with you when you enter Indonesia is not explicitly prohibited in any text or regulations.

However, as often in Indonesia, the law is subject to interpretation.

According to the Pornography Law No 44 of 2008, pornography is defined as any "images, drawings, illustrations, photos, writings, voices, sounds, movies, cartoons, poetry, discussions, body gestures and any form of communication through mass media or public display that can cause sexual desire or that violates moral values".
Surprisingly, penis-shaped can openers are easily found in tourist shops in Bali or Jakarta
This article was widely condemned because it is very vague. The way I see it is that a simple cone-shaped dildo with no resemblance with an actual penis could hardly be considered as porn. With a sex doll, things get more complicated as you could say it is the drawing of a woman on a plastic shape.

Anyway, it is not so important because the bill does not actually forbid personal possession of pornographic material. What it forbids is the diffusion, sale, storage, creation, public display, etc of porn.

This is confirmed in the article 282 of the Indonesian Penal Code (see English translation) which states that "any person who (...)  imports (...) an object known to him to be offensive against decency (...) with the aim of distributing it or showing it in public (...) shall be punished by a maximum imprisonment of one year and four months or a maximum fine of three thousand rupiahs.

It is clear that selling sex toys in Indonesia could be considered illegal, especially if they come with racy packaging. That's why you don't see any sex shops around. But owning sex toys is clearly not illegal.

Can I Import Sex Toys in Indonesia?
I checked on the website of the Indonesian Ministry of Commerce the list of items that are forbidden or limited for importation (LARTAS) and they do not include sex toys. Their own rule (article 4 here) is that: "Any goods can be imported except those on the restricted list and those on the forbidden list".

The problem is that you may have to deal with officials or customs employees who are not aware of the law and who, based on their ignorance, consider that the sex toys are illegal. For this reason, they may decide to confiscate them. This will just be an annoyance for you, but you won't be fined nor go to jail as long as the items are for your personal use.

Where to Buy Sex Toys in Indonesia?

Buying on the streets or in shops
As we just saw, it is illegal to sell sex toys in Indonesia as most of them could be considered pornographic material. For this reason, you will not see any proper sex shops in the country.

In some stores like Carrefour or even Circle K, I haven't even seen Durex Massage Lotion and Durex Play, a sort of vibrator which is the only sex toy sold openly in the country. You'll notice that there are no images on the packaging and that the product itself does not resemble any part of the body.

In red-light districts, particularly on Jalan Gajah Mada and Jalan Mangga Besar in North Jakarta, you have many street sellers of Viagra, Cialis and other "obat kuat" (medicine to make a man strong). They usually also have weird imported condoms too and small vibrators/sex toys.

Buying Sex Toys Online:
The easiest way is actually to look for online stores.

The best is Amazon with its global delivery service because they guarantee that your product will pass the customs. All you need to do is write your Indonesian address, and they will only show you products that can be sent to Indonesia. Products that tend to be blocked will not be showed and you won't be able to purchase them.

You can also try Tokopedia by typing "sex toys" in the search function (or "permainan seks"). This "online mall" is similar with AliExpress but with Indonesian sellers. Most of them do not have reviews and even Tokopedia warns about buying products from external vendors. You can try your luck but personally, I would avoid it.

Finally, Lazada and MatahariMall also have a few sexy items and man's medicine, but no real sex toys.

Buying from abroad
The last solution is to buy them abroad and bring them with you in Indonesia. In Singapore, you have a famous shops on Orchard road called U4Ria where you can buy pretty much anything from BDSM latex fetish kits to anal plugs.

There are no reasons for the customs to confiscate the objects but follow the same precautions mentioned above: Remove/hide any erotic images (if possible take out the packaging) and only buy a few items to make it obvious that the objects are for your private use.

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  1. In Mal Ambassador there is a small shop, crewed by two women, that sells various kinds of vibrators and other sex toys as well as male enhancement pills. You have to look a bit because the ladies do not advertise openly but once you enter the stall they are quite willing to discuss the properties of the toys, as they did with my Indonesian girlfriend at the time.

    1. Oh? May I know which floor or the exact location?

  2. I can recommend this online shop in JKT that has a very good selection of high quality toys:

  3. Most of my friends just hop on a plane to Singapore. The closest Asian city that is liberal in this aspect. They come back with a luggage full of toys. If it's just an item or two I know in Singapore ships to Indonesia by airmail or fedex if you prefer. I would highly recommend them as they take the extra effort to pack it discreetly among other stuff knowing its a little bit harder to get these stuff into indonesia. I tried shipping from Bandung, Bali and Jarkata. All no issues so far.

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  5. It's a very interesting article, thanks for that. But i don't understand, why isn't it simpler to buy a sex toys online ??

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