Funtasty is a massage parlour that opened in Kelapa Gading in February 2016. It is located near the Hospital RS Mitra Keluarga and in front of the Spa Taman Sari Royal Heritage. You can also find a small bar inside called Coyote.

It is very cheap but not all inclusive and you need to add a tip (directly to the girl) if you want a handjob, a blowjob, or sex. Note that not every girl is willing to do the same so you can ask them in advance depending on what you are looking for. If you want to have sex without a massage, you can ask for one of their GRO++.

The prices are as follow for 90 minutes:

  • Room with curtain and shower outside: Rp120,000
  • Room with curtain and shower inside: Rp140,000
  • Room with door and shower inside: Rp160,000
The tip for full service is usually Rp350,000. HJ only 100,000.

Opening Hours:
Everyday from 10.30am to 21h30pm

Funtasty Massage / Cowboy Bar
Rukan Gading Bukit Indah Blok C - No.19

Phone number: 0812 318 44777  or 0878 0980 6777
BB Pin: 5C880250

2 comments to '' Funtasty Massage and Cowboy Bar (Kelapa Gading) "

  1. As i understand, PM and HJ is included... May wanna correct that.

    They had a nice promo for Nov, went a few times. Interesting rooms.

    Only certain girls do all in. I saw one, quite hot.


  2. OK I visited here on 1 Aug. 2018.
    The cowboy series has 3 branches and I went to the one at Kelapa Gading.
    Went there before noon, around 1x girls to choose.
    The boy at the lobby will welcome you and show you the girl’s photos in a cellphone,
    You will pick 1 from them.
    Charged 170.000RP for the room.
    The girl will perform some massage for you, mine with Shiatsu.
    Their SOP is massage and hand job (without TOPLESS).
    Tip extra 150.000RP, To have the therapist TOPLESS.
    Tip 100.000RP, after the SOP hand job.
    Tip 400.000, she will provide you full job, 1 shot.

    While my time waiting the therapist at the lobby(around 1 hour), I saw about 10 guests entered, choose their therapists and go upstairs.
    I will say the services is fine. Else there won’t be so many guests.