Eating Dog Meat in Jakarta

By Jakarta100bars
Contrary to what many could believe, most of the restaurants serving dog meat in Jakarta are not Chinese, but Manadonese (North Sulawesi).

Just to clear any confusion, I am not talking about hot dogs/sausages, but the meat of the following animal:
One of the best locations in Jakarta for Manadonese cuisine is the food court of the mall Ambassador, on Jalan Prof. Dr. Satrio. Dishes are usually so spicy that you'll have a hard time eating them if you are not so used to it. Another particularity is that they serve some rare animals including wild pigs, bats and dogs.

In the food court, the cleanest and best restaurant serving dog meat is called Ragey. They have a huge buffet with no tags so you'll have to ask the waiters for information about the food displayed.

The prices are cheap, you can choose several items and you won't pay more than Rp50,000. My advice is to take a lot of rice to limit the feeling of spiciness.

The taste of the meat is really not that special but it isn't bad either. In my case it's a one-time experience that I probably won't renew.
This is the dog meat
Note: Dog meat is sometimes called  RW for "Rintek Wuuk" (which means "soft hair" in Manadonese).

Ragey Manadonese Restaurant
Mall Ambassador 4th Floor No 03A Food Court
Jalan Prof. Dr. Satrio, South Jakarta 12940

Phone number: 0812 88 47 66 33

Opening Hours:
Every day from 10AM to 9PM

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  1. Beside manadonese food, bataknese food may also serves dog meat. They usually cook the meat in blood soup.

    1. if you dont stop selling dog meat, our organisation will put a bomb in your restaurant and we will kill the owner very slowly