Girl-friendly hotels in Jakarta are not difficult to find. As I mentioned in my guides Choosing Your Hotel in Jakarta and Hotels With Massage Parlours in Jakarta, most of them will not bother you if you decide to bring a girl back to your room.

However, it can be a bit more tricky in the budget hotel segment. Some of them are indeed family-run or they can be "syariah" hotels, meaning they do not accept couples without a marriage certificate.

I thought that to avoid you any bad surprises, I could make this list of cheap hotels under 40$ a night where you can be sure to be able to welcome a last-minute guest. I selected hotels that are located near nightlife areas too, preferably walking distance or just a few minutes away from famous bars and nightclubs.

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Favehotel in Wahid Hasyim is one of the best girl-friendly hotels in Jakarta under 40$. It is walking distance from Sarinah Mall and only 5 minutes from Grand Indonesia. You have a 7/11 on the ground floor and a decent restaurant too. A feature I like is that there are only 1 or 2 persons on stand-by at night so you can go to your room discreetly.

You can get the cheapest rate here: Favehotel Wahid Hasyim

Holiday Inn Wahid Hasyim
It is a nicer alternative to the Favehotel Wahid Hasyim and, since it opened just a few months ago, the prices are still low. You can easily walk to Starbucks or Burger King in Sarinah. It is less than 200m from the TransJakarta/MRT station where you can take a bus to Kota Tua or Senayan for Rp4,000.

It's cheaper on Holiday Inn Wahid Hasyim

This Favehotel is in a great location as well, though it is a bit hidden. I like it for short stays or weekends because it is easy to reach from the airport (it is near the toll road exit on Gatot Subroto). It can help save you precious time if you arrive in Jakarta late on a Friday evening.

The rooms are in good conditions too. It is close to Dragonfly, Loewy, Basque and all the bars in SCBD/Mega Kuningan.

Compare the price: Favehotel Gatot Subroto

Ideally, the best location in Jakarta for me would be the Bunderan HI, where Plaza Indonesia is. Since all the hotels there are expensive 5-star hotels, the best alternative is to go to the Holiday Inn Thamrin or the All Seasons Thamrin. Both are quite similar, offering excellent rooms for around 40$.

You can compare the rates here: Holiday Inn Thamrin and All Seasons Thamrin

Amaris Thamrin City
A 5-minute walk from Grand Indonesia, Thamrin City is one of the largest middle-class complexes in Central Jakarta. It has several apartment towers, a low-end shopping mall and a big supermarket. The Amaris hotel is located in the upper floors. While it is not really well-maintained, it is cheap for such a good location.

Get the best price here: Amaris Thamrin City

Red Planet is a budget hotel chain from the Philippines with currently 2 properties in Indonesia (the other one is in Bekasi). The branch in Pasar Baru is cheap and near several attractions like the Monas, the Istiqlal Mosque and the National Museum. It is at least 15 minutes from good nightlife spots though. If partying is your main reason for coming to Jakarta, it is best to choose one of the hotels mentioned above.


Yello Harmoni
This hotel is always ranked among the best ones in North Jakarta. It has been praised for its value for money and its location. It is across the street from Malioboro and walking distance to Emporium spa.

Compare rates between Agoda and Yello Harmoni

Favehotel LTC Glodok
I stayed in this hotel for several weeks and it is one of my favorite in Jakarta in the budget segment. The location is good if you plan on spending time in North Jakarta for either visiting or party. It is also near Mangga Besar where you can find plenty of good street food stalls. The rooms are really comfortable and you also have pool tables in the café of the hotel. The main drawback is that the hotel is on the 7th floor of a mall specializing in electric supplies, tools, machinery, plumbing, etc... Not very romantic... 

Compare rates between Agoda and Favehotel LTC

Ibis Harmoni
Ibis Harmoni is interesting because it is rather new (2016). The location is a bit northern so it will take about 20 minutes to go to Plaza Indonesia (10 minutes without traffic). If you plan on partying in both North and South Jakarta, it is perfect. There are not so many interesting things to do right outside the hotel though apart from a few strip-clubs and brothels (Malioboro and Classic).

You can take the TransJakarta easily from the hotel.

Check on Ibis Harmoni

All Seasons Gajah Mada is located opposite Ibis Harmoni. It is one of several Accor Hotels properties in the area. While it has similar standards with All Seasons Thamrin, it is at least 20% cheaper. You can walk to Gajah Mada Plaza mall from it.

Best price here: All Seasons Gajah Mada

To be fair with you, 100% of the hotels located on Jalan Besar are girl-friendly. Even more than that, most clients go there to sleep with prostitutes. Hotel 88 is a chain from Singapore with 4 locations in Jakarta. The rooms are comfortable and clean, well worth the price.

Whiz Prime
Located just across from Mall of Indonesia in Kelapa Gading, this hotel is famous for having the karaoke Level 5 inside it. It is very far from the nightclubs of South Jakarta so stay in this area only if you really need to.

Spend less by booking on Whiz Prime

Ibis Styles Mangga Dua
Mangga Dua is a good location if you are on transit for a night in Jakarta because it can be easily accessed from the airport (30 minutes without traffic). It is a better alternative to staying in the airport I think because you will find more things to do, particularly in terms of nightlife (most of the bars and clubs there have prostitutes though, I must warn you). The Ibis Styles is within the mall WTC which is full of cheap shops. It also has a famous karaoke called Sense.

Lowest price on Ibis Styles Mangga Dua

The budget hotel chain Neo is part of Aston International, just like Favehotel. The one in Melawai is a good option if you intend on partying in Blok M district (Jalan Falatehan) or if you plan on visiting the karaokes of Little Tokyo. 

Book now on Neo Melawai

If you stay in Kemang, one of the best affordable girl-friendly/guest-friendly hotels available is the Amaris La Codefin. It is connected to a small shopping center with a supermarket, a few cafés and a massage parlour. From there you can walk to several popular bars.

Get the best rate here: Amaris La Codefin
Enjoy your stay in Jakarta!

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  1. just wondering, where were those pics from?

    1. actually they are from Yogyakarta... from but their account is now private...

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    Is it girl-friendly?

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  4. Is JS Luwansa Girl Friendly...will there be girls available for fun and sex

    1. Girl-friendly means they will allow female guests to your room. It doesn't mean that they have girls available for sex.

      Anyway, yes JS Luwansa is girl-friendly.

  5. How about Park Lane Hotel. Is it girl friendly?

  6. Morrissey Hotel Residences IS GIRL FRIENDLY

  7. how about ibis styles hotel near Soekara hatta intl airport

  8. whats the best cheap hotel u suggest for north jakarta that is closest to all the clubs or in good range? Also how far is it from the airport?

    1. Verse Lite Hotel is a good choice, it costs 20$ and rated 8.1 on Agoda.

      Otherwise, if you stay on Jalan Mangga Besar, you can be walking distance from many nightclubs. Hotel 88 Mangga Besar 62 Hotel is one of the best options there and it just costs 25$.

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  13. best to just order massage on golife app and if the lady is hot, go for it or not, just cancel right away. Most offer extra services for additional fees. Ard 200.000 idr more. depends on looks though. But most are older ladies during day and at night after 7pm its younger girls who looking with extra services.

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  16. Hello...
    I need help.
    Trying to find a guest friendly hotel in thamrin area under 25$.
    If you know some... please give me advice.


    1. You can book Verse Luxe Thamrin for 26 dollars and it's girl-friendly

  17. Is FM7 a girl friendly hotel? Thanks.

    1. Yes it's girl-friendly... the same group actually owns FM1 where they have a naughty massage parlor

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    Thank you in advance

    1. It depends which RedDoorz. The RedDoorz written as "Syariah" only accept married couple, so avoid them.

  20. Hi, Please suggest girl friendly hotels in Bandung, I cannot find that information anywhere.
    Or please give tips, how can I find one?

    1. You can take a hotel on Braga street, for instance Ibis Style . It's girl-friendly for sure and near the bars.

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    I will book in Orchardz bandara. Can I have a girl to sleep with me 2 nights or a complete night there?
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