Blue Angels Executive Men's Club (Jayapura)

By Jakarta100bars
Jayapura is over 5,000 kilometers away from Jakarta, and yet it is possible to find bars and nightclubs similar to those of the capital city. Blue Angels is probably the best of them in the city.

The main issue is that most girls going there are prostitutes (not all of them though) so unless you are willing to pay, don't expect to get lucky. They have girls who are imported from Java and Sumatra working as Lady Companions in the karaoke or dancers.

Since there isn't much nightlife in Jayapura (and elsewhere in Papua), you also have some "normal" girls too but they rarely come alone.

Blue Angels is still worth visiting for party in the city. It is big, with a good sound system and lighting, and quite a few big events every year. In particular, they often have fashion shows, live bands, sexy dancers and models from Jakarta and Surabaya.

Drugs are not difficult to find but be aware that there were a few police raids in the past. 

Opening Hours:
Every day until 3am

Blue Angels (BA) Executive Men's Club and KTV 21
Jalan Sungai Hanyaan Entrop - Klapa Dua
Jayapura - Indonesia

Phone number: +62-967 522969

Twitter: blueangelsclub

2 comments to '' Blue Angels Executive Men's Club (Jayapura) "

  1. Good review.. but uf u dont mention about girls and drugs it will be nice review. Keep uptodate .

  2. Watched their video on youtube, seems like a nice Jakarta-like club. Anyone know whether "BO" is available ? And at what price ? Thanks.