Spanky's Gogo Bar - Topless - Bangkok

By Tibs
Spanky's is a famous gogo bar on the second floor of Nana Plaza Entertainment Center in Bangkok. They have live shows featuring topless girls every 15 minutes. They also have a shower show with a nude girl having her shower in the corner of the bar.

The name of the bar probably comes from one of the shows where girls are spanking each other with foam sticks. They also go among customers and spank a few of them. I've tried. It makes a lot of noise but it does not hurt.

The atmosphere inside Spanky's is very lively and one of the best among the gogo bars of Nana Plaza. Girls seem to have fun on stage and you have an interesting mix of old/young girls.

Prices are standard for the area. 160 THB for a drink, same for a ladies' drink (you'll get a naked girl sitting on your lap for 15 minutes with touching allowed). Bar fine is 600 THB. Short time 3,000 THB.

Opening Hours:
Everyday from 7.30am to 2am/3am

Spanky's Gogo Bar
Topless - Bangkok
Nana Plaza, Bangkok, Thailand

Facebook: Spanky's Gogo Bar Nana Plaza

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