The Ringside Bar is a must-visit in Manila if you like weird places and oddities. Located in the red light district of Burgos in Makati, it is a hostess bar with a boxing ring instead of your usual podium.

The boxing ring features all kind of shows including midget boxing or bargirls oil fighting. How much fun you'll have in the Ringside Bar probably depends on how much alcohol you've drank. It's probably best to be a bit tipsy before entering to make sure your mind is prepared.

You can buy drinks to two midgets + buy one for yourself to become official referee for one of their 3-min boxing fight. You'll also have ladies coming to you and asking for ladies drinks (around 350 PHP if I remember correctly). In exchange, you can play with them a bit and you might get a handjob out of it. You can also take them home but it's pricey as everywhere else in Burgos (around 150 dollars including bar fine + girl's tip).

Overall: Ringside Bar is unique and if you are a first-timer in Manila, you should definitely visit it. It is even more appropriate to celebrate bachelor parties. If you are really into dwarves, you can also check the Hobbit House (Midget Bar) in Ermita.

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Opening Hours:
Everyday from 7pm to 4am

Ringside Bar Manila - Midget Boxing
4853 Kalayaan corner P. Burgos St., Makati City
Phone number: +63 2 899 7106
I think those are ladyboys, are they?

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