Guilly's is the oldest nightclub in Quezon City and one of the most popular. It is also one of the biggest and it is open every day including on Sunday. It has a more mature crowd than other nearby venues such as Prime, Cliniq or Vanity.

As always in Quezon City, they offer reasonable prices. In particular, from 10pm to midnight on weekdays, you have a promotion on local beers (San Miguel) at 35 PHP while tequila shots only cost 88 PHP. After midnight, the price of spirits is between 150 PHP and 180 PHP and local beer costs around 80 PHP (130 PHP for imported). The entrance is free except on Friday and Saturday when you have a First Drink Charge (from 100 PHP to 300 PHP depending on the event).

If you want to book a table, you need to consume at least 5,000 PHP in the Red VIP area (up to 7 pax) and at least 10,000 PHP in the Blue Elevated area (up to 15 pax). Please call 0927-497-2387 for more information.

The design of Guilly's is not particularly remarkable. It is a square-shaped nightclub with high ceiling, a podium and a small dancefloor. Nothing luxurious. Though it has existed for 10 years, it still look decent after it was renovated a few years ago.

They usually play a mix of popular songs of EDM, Top 40, House, Hip Hop, Rn'B. I recommend you to check their facebook page below if you want to have the updated party schedule. In particular, they have regular college nights and sexy dancer shows.

Overall: One of the best nightclubs in Quezon City. There are quite many pretty Filipino girls in their early 20s, but they often come with a group of friends. Girls in QC are not actively looking to meet foreigners, and few will do a one night stand. But they will be happy to give their phone numbers and meet you another time. Very few expats in Guilly's: At most you'll see a couple of them every night.

Opening Hours
Everyday from 10:00 pm - 6:00 am. If you still feel like partying after 6AM, you can move to Sparks bar which is just steps away and open 24h.

Guilly's Bar and Nightclub (it used to be known as Guilly's Island)
Tomas Morato Avenue
1103 Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Phone number: +63 906 958 7500 or +63 2 416 8322

Twitter: Guilly's Manila
Facebook: Guilly's Club Official or Guilly's (better updated)

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