Gramercy 71 is one of the most popular rooftop bars/sky bars in Manila. Also a restaurant and nightclub, it is located on the 71st floor of the Gramercy Tower in Makati. The tower is not far from other clubs like Time and Royal.

The rooftop area is rather small and surprisingly, it is not as busy as the inside. The view is honestly not that great as there is no skyscrapers to look at. Manila is also very dark at night so you can barely see anything apart from a few lights. It might be better if you come at sunset (they only open at 6pm, might be too late for that).

I paid an entrance  fee of 500PHP with 2 drinks included. That's quite a good deal I thought. The music was a mix of famous hits remixed by house and Rn'B DJs.

It is popular with expats, including expat women. There were a lot of hot Filipina girls but they all seemed to be accompanying guys. The main problem is you come to this club alone is that most people stay in sofas in groups so it's not easy to meet people.

Overall: Compared to rooftop bars I've been to in Saigon, Jakarta or Bangkok, Gramercy 71 is really not so impressive. It wasn't even really crowded on a Saturday night. I guess it's just an OK option for beginning the evening though.

Regarding the comment from Martial (see below), this is a picture I took from the view:

Opening Hours:
From Monday to Saturday from 6PM until 4AM.

71 Gramercy Restaurant, Bar and Nightclub
The Gramercy, Kalayaan Avenue, Cor. Salamanca St., Century City
Makati, Philippines
Phone number: +63 917 809 4093 or +63 917 847 7535
Facebook: 71Gramercy

2 comments to '' Gramercy 71 Rooftop Bar (Manila) "

  1. No skyscrapers?? You obviously didnt step outside

    Check out this picture from 71 Gramercy

    There are more skyscrapers in a concentrated area than in Jakarta, Bangkok, or Saigon. You should revise this stupid post

    1. Hi Martian, can you explain why you need to be insulting when you could comment in a friendly way?

      This review is based on my personal experience. I went to the outdoor area of Gramercy 71 and I thought the view was not impressive. I saw mostly small buildings barely lit. I checked again my pictures after seeing your comment to make sure and they confirmed my impression. I didn't say there are no skyscrapers in Metro Manila, simply that when I visited Gramercy rooftop, the view didn't allow me to see them.

      I uploaded the photo I took from the view and I put it at the end of the article for you to check.

      So I don't know if there is an area I didn't check, if there was a power cut on that night, or if the rooftop is not well-oriented, but that's what I saw. And I spent some time on the rooftop because I had to finish those two drinks they give you when you pay the entrance.

      Thank you for your comment anyway.