Crazy House - Naked Striptease (Bangkok)

By Tibs
The owners could not have found a better name for their gogo bar: Crazy House is probably the wildest place you'll visit in Bangkok.

It is a "hands-on" bar, where you can choose a naked girl and touch her as much as you want as long as you buy her ladies' drinks. Girls are everywhere, literally, and most of them are naked or only wearing panties. Some are on the podium stripping and dancing, some are pole dancing, some are with customers doing private lap dances. Others are in the stairs, in the corridors, in the elevator, etc... You must have 60 of them with various forms and shapes, from shy teen-looking ladies to vulgar MILF with fake boobs. You only have a few really hot girls though, and I didn't see one that could be considered a model, but the place is dark enough so you won't see all the imperfections anyway.

Every few seconds you have a girl passing in front of you rubbing her breasts against you and it's quite hot. The lift/elevator is incredible also as it is constantly filled with nude girls moving from one floor to the other. I took these pictures with a hidden camera:
This Japanese guy was going to the restaurant upstairs
As in Baccara, another full-nude strip club on Soi Cowboy, Crazy House has a glass ceiling between the first and second floor. As the dancers on the second floor are not wearing any panties, you can see a glimpse of paradise from the 1st floor as long as you're not too far-sighted.

There is also a sort of restaurant/canteen on one of the floors.

The prices are normal for a gogo bar in Soi Cowboy: 160 THB for a drink. 170 THB for a lady drink. 800 THB for bar fine. 3000 THB for short time.

Scam alert: I had a small problem with the management that might have been a scam. Someone spilled my drink on the floor and I was made to pay 400THB for the inconvenience. It took me 30 minutes and a look at the CCTV to get my money back.

Overall: Crazy House is naughty. If you like anything naughty, you'll love it for sure.

Location: Crazy House is not located exactly on Soi Cowboy, but close enough. It is at the corner between Soi Cowboy and Sukhumvit 23.

Opening Hours: From 7pm to 2-3am. It's best to go around 8pm.
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2 comments to '' Crazy House - Naked Striptease (Bangkok) "

  1. I visited crazy house. it was really amazing with its naughty naked girls .the expressions of one girl was extra ordinary and mind blowing. but they demanded 500 bath as entry fee.

  2. Even they demanded me too and i as to skip it