Universe is one of the most famous strip clubs in Manila. While the main attraction there are the sexy dancers and the striptease, it is also a KTV and a bordello with rooms and dozens of prostitutes. There is also a restaurant and a club called Universe in Manila so make sure to say you want to go to the one in Pasay.

They had several problems with the police so they changed their names from "Miss Universe" to "Universe" and they are very careful with cameras. They put a black tape on my phone and warned me not to take pictures.

The place is huge with a big stage in the middle of the room. You have dancers constantly who start with some clothes, then take them off. Some go full naked, some just show their boobs, some keep a bikini. The girls I saw were extremely hot (and I'm difficult). Tall, slim, pretty girls with great bodies. They look bored on stage though.

The following video is an accurate depiction of the show you can expect (just imagine they are naked instead of wearing lingerie).
In terms of pricing, Universe is rather expensive for Manila nightlife. The entrance fee/cover charge is 500 pesos, then a beer will cost you 180 pesos and a Jack Daniel's Coke 450 pesos. If you pay a ladies drink to one of the girls, it will cost you 750 pesos. Some of them will be a bit pushy. If you have trouble resisting the charms of a naked girl begging you to help her, you'll probably be spending a lot of money. Finally, you can take one of the girls to the rooms (the mamasans will make sure you do), but you'll have to pay a whopping 6,000 pesos. Very friendly service but annoyingly asking for tips each time they bring you anything.

Universe Naked Strip Club Manila
#2374 F.B. Harrison Cor.
Libertad Street, Pasay City, Metro Manila

Phone number: +63 916 402 8030
Website/Facebook: Universe Pasay

5 comments to '' Universe Strip Club (Full Naked) - Manila "

  1. Be warned:
    Price are much higher and there are serious hidden charges, even if you get fee structure clarified before entry.
    Price as of Aug 2018
    Entry fee: PHP 1500
    Drink: 285 (SM beer)
    Lady drink: 1200
    They will take customer’s signature on these bills. Hence you will presume this is a transparent pricing, though bit high.
    But when the final bill comes, there will be surprise
    Show fee: PHP 3000 per hour
    I pointed out to the manager, this was not explained to me and that I did not sign this bill for show. The response was menacing: “Please settle the bill before security arrives”
    Date of incident: 24 Aug 2018
    Time: 11 pm
    Staff involved: Ricky (waiter), Edwin (Floor Manager), Xo (GRO)
    Fee to be in the hall for 2 hours and few beers: PHP 10,000+

    1. You should go to Quezon City joints, much cheaper. Lot's in Quezon ave. in Quezon City. With what you paid in Miss Universe much more cheaper.

  2. Been there last year with friends! They have entrance fee and beers were expensive. Anyway pussy was crazy in stage.

  3. I had a similar experience to the one above. Luckily the club was quite busy at the time and the manager kept encouraging me to 'discuss it upstairs' where I'm sure there were more security guards. I had been drinking a lot that night, but didn't fall for that tactic. Definitely a club to avoid despite the attractive girls.

  4. I had similar experience as well..the bill is so expensive and was forced to sign.
    nearly get into trouble.