Plan B Hostess Bar (Manila)

By Jakarta100bars
Plan B is a hostess bar located in Burgos street, Makati, in Manila. It may be the bar with the most girls in the area. I didn't count but there was at least 80 to 100 when I visited. Few of them came to me a few seconds after I entered and they were very fun to chat with, even after I told them I wasn't interested to sleep with them.

From what they told me, there is a hotel above the bar and it is possible to take more than 1 girl at the same time. So Plan B is probably the right place if you are looking for a (paid) threesome in Manila. The girls were average looking in general, but you had some stunners here and there.

You have sexy dancers wearing bikinis and sexy outfits at all time.

Recommended venue in Burgos. It's one of the friendliest I've visited. Music is the usual Top 40/EDM.

Plan B Hostess Bar and Go Go Girls
Burgos Street (in front of Bronx)
Makati, Manila

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4 comments to '' Plan B Hostess Bar (Manila) "

  1. Bullshit. managers and girls are too greedy . keep insisting drinks and a different girl when I already told them to call the girl i wanted sisi, city, or siri i can’t remember the name but never had a chance to see her again on the the stage after she been called from a different table, cause the waitress and manager's isn't helping me to call her and some average looking girls blocking me even asking me unecessary question. Bro, it's a real hustle there. never seen the same girl again when I came back last month.

    1. Dude, I find if I really like a girl that I tip the waitress or mamasan/manager to find her and extra if she actually comes to me.

      I know how you feel though. Three years ago I let go of an absolute beauty in Angeles City Bar who sat next to me when I bought her a ladies drink. I was buying multiple drinks for multiple girls and she got offended that I let her go. I saw her on stage later that night and she wqs an absulute stunner with a killer body and a nice personality. I realized I made a huge mistake so I came back to the club 3 straight nights trying to get her to sit with me again and she refused every time... lol

  2. Yeah i agree its not a fantastic place. but you can find some hot chicks

  3. AC and Manila blow hot and cold I have always found - sometimes every great looker drops in your lap and the next time you'll struggle to pick up the bat, let alone make a base. Unique thing in the PI and maybe Cambodia. Just seems to be a lack of professionalism and money making/customer satisfaction skills.