Pangaea Ultra Lounge (Manila)

By Jakarta100bars
Pangaea is a luxury nightclub in Manila's City of Dreams Mall and Casino. It is next to Chaos, which is owned by the same group. Both are worldwide brands that you can find in Singapore, London or New Delhi.

Pangaea is smaller than Chaos, with a low ceiling and a more laid-back atmosphere. Almost all the space is taken up by VIP tables and sofas. There are two bars, one in the back and one in the entrance, next to the piano. It is more intimate and less flashy compared to Chaos.

The other main difference is the music. While you will hear EDM in Chaos, Pangaea has Rn'B and famous mainstream hits. The live piano is definitely a plus. You also have sexy dancers (wearing clothes of course).

The crowd is almost 90% Filipino with a high proportion of girls. It is not so easy to socialize though as most of them are in the confine of their sofas and the dancefloor is not crowded.

The price was around 6 dollars for a standard glass of alcohol with a mixer. I didn't pay entrance fee because the cashier was gone. Some guys were wearing shorts and sandals so the dresscode is non-existent I guess.

Overall: I preferred Pangaea to Chaos as it is more down-to-earth and friendly. It actually looks more like a bar than a club. Still, it lacked a truly festive atmosphere and I don't think I'll visit again.

Opening Hours:
Wednesday from 10pm to 6am
Friday and Saturday from 10pm to 6am

Pangaea Nightclub (Next to Chaos)
City of Dreams Manila, 2nd Floor
Asean Avenue, Roxas Boulevard, 1701 Parañaque, Manila, Philippines

Phone number: +63 917 381 3398 / +632 975 3380

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