Kojax/Hot Spot is one of the numerous gogo bars in Makati, near Burgos street. It is in an alley between Palladium Karaoke and Bourbon Bar, another dancer club.

I didn't pay any entrance fee. A beer will cost you 250 pesos and a spirit 400. You have a center stage with around 10 girls dancing in bikinis and lingerie. Customers are sitting comfortably all around in sofas. It was not crowded at all when I visited at 5am on a Saturday. Girls do not go full nude but they wear g-strings and see-through tops. Most were average looking and barely looking 18 years old. The music was a mix of mainstream pop, EDM and R n'B hits.

For a hostess bar, I was surprised that nobody pushed me to be with a girl or to drink alcohol. A dancer came at one point but only to introduce yourself.

I took several photos but the security made me erase them unfortunately. It seems you may take girls with you but you must pay a steep 2,500 pesos bar fine (+ what you negotiated for the girl).

Kojax / Hot Spot (it seems to have two names)
50 Polaris Street, Bel Air,
Makati, Manila, Philippines

Opening Hours:
Everyday from 10pm until 6am

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