20 Best New Year Eve Parties in Jakarta for 2016

By Jakarta100bars
Update: You can read New Year Eve 2017 / 31st December 2016 for more information about this year's events.

The period from Christmas until New Year is rather quiet in Jakarta. During this time, many people leave the city: Expats go back to their home countries and many upper class Indonesians fly to Bali, Singapore or Bangkok for holidays.

For the rest of us, stuck voluntarily or not, things are not that bad. The atmosphere in Jakarta during New Year is similar to the one during Lebaran: Less people, less traffic, less pollution.

In terms of parties, clubs will be busier than usual, but not ridiculously overcrowded and expensive. You can expect to pay double what you would normally do in terms of entrance fee / first drink charge (FDC) but that's it. The most famous nightclubs are asking about Rp400,000 for one person and to book a small table you'll need to spend at least Rp3,000,000 and up to Rp30,000,000.

Important Note about Traffic:
While I'm usually a fan of bar hopping in Jakarta, you should know that Thamrin and Sudirman will be closed to cars on New Year. For this reason, you should avoid moving too much. It is best to stay in an area with many bars and clubs near from each other so you won't need any taxis. I suggest Mega Kuningan, Kemang, Plaza Indonesia-Grand Indonesia, Gatot Subroto and Pacific Place-SCBD.

My best recommendation would be to choose a rooftop bar like SKYE or Cloud until midnight so you can be sure to enjoy the street noise and the fireworks. You can then proceed to a proper nightclub or a bar. On my side, I will go to Cloud + Immigrant. I'll also walk around a bit on Sudirman as the atmosphere is usually very nice. If the weather is not too hot I'll go to MoNas as well.

Here is the list of the 20 Best New Year Eve events for 2015-2016 in Jakarta:

Cloud Lounge

Minimum Charge: Rp250,000 Net. Great for countdown. Most people won't follow the dresscode so don't worry too much about that. They also propose a dinner for Rp750,000++ per person. Tel: +62 (0) 21 29922450 / Whatsapp: 0878 80001023.

Slightly more expensive than Cloud with Rp300,000 cover charge. You also have a great gala dinner at Rp1,100,000++ that gives you free access later on to Dragonfly and Blowfish. RSVP: +62 (0) 21 2358 6996.

Cork and Screw Pacific Place
For a pre-party dinner until countdown, Cork and Screw is recommended. You can expect a trendy crowd partying in groups (not good if you are alone or with just a few friends). It is not far from most nightclubs in Jakarta. Bookings: +6221 5797 3303.

Union PIM
If you are looking for the best place to celebrate New Year Eve in South Jakarta, I would go for Union in Pondok Indah Mall. DJ Justin Jay plays mostly great house and disco tunes. Reservation: +62 21 295 297 81.

Loewy will be most likely packed for New Year Eve. They are welcoming DJ Kyodai, two brothers from Berlin and New York. Booking in advance is a must: +62 21 2554 2378.

Potato Head Garage
Mafia-themed 31st December Party in Potato Head Garage: You are invited dress as your favorite mafioso from famous Hollywood movies. First Drink Charge of Rp200,000. Book in advance: +62 21 5797 3330.

Bauhaus is recommended if you want to welcome 2016 with the best DJ of the evening. Justin Van Der Volgen will play electro until 4AM. The place should be packed with hipsters so book ahead: +62 8 21 1162 4070.

Paulaner Brauhaus
With a central location near several clubs and bars, Paulaner Brauhaus is a great place for starting your New Year's Eve party. I'll recommend going there for dinner and beers before going to places like Skye, Cloud or Immigrant. Call 021 2358 3871.

For an intimate NYE, good music, good food and free tequila (for ladies), head to SafeHouse in Mega Kuningan. Buy 1 get 1 bottle of vodka for 2,200,000rp++. The place is small though so it is best to make a booking: +62 (0) 2130050510.

Immigrant will be one of the most busy clubs on New Year Eve. They know it and that's why the FDC is whopping 400,000 rupiah. The party should continue until 5am. Phone number: Rp+62 815 8560 1100.

Blowfish nightclub, freshly renovated and as trendy as ever has a 400,000rp cover charge that includes a free entry to Dragonfly. Not a bad idea for those who want to try several venues. For more information: 085710800001 / 021-5297 1234.

Dragonfly is the most expensive nightclub in Jakarta for NY with IDR400,000 excluding drinks. Sofas and tables are already fully booked since several weeks and they started at Rp8M minimum charge. Info: 08 57 10 80 00 03.


I would recommend going to Colosseum only to those living in North Jakarta. The DJ playing on the 31st, Ummet Ozcan is great if you are a fan of EDM. Call 021 690 999.


If you are below 23 years old, Fable is probably where you will feel the most comfortable. Entrance fee with a drink is Rp350,000. Contact: 08118035666 or 0215151501.

X2 will most likely be the most happening and most crowded nightclub in Jakarta for New Year Eve. The entrance fee is reasonable at Rp300,000 and they are planning a special Amazonian theme. You can book a sofa with minimum charge Rp3M, inclusive of 5 free entries. Contact them: 089657044767.

Domain is a good option for those who want to party without spending too much with a Rp150,000 first drink charge and a free flow house pouring from 10pm to 00h30. RSVP: 081285542229.

Empirica is having a famous Turkish/German EDM DJ. The FDC is Rp350,000 inclusive of a glass of champagne which is a good deal I think. If you are with groups, you can get a table for 10 people for Rp7M (1 bottle of spirit + 1 Champagne Moet + 1 mixer), Sofa for 20 people for Rp15M (4 bottle of spirit + 2 Champagne Moet + 2 mixers) and finally VIP Package for 25 pax cost Rp20M (5 bottle of spirit + 3 Champagne Moet + 2 mixers). To book: 08 77 823 81417.

While I haven't been to Musro for quite some time, it seems they are having an interesting New Year's Eve Party 2016 with bartending shows and dancers. The atmosphere is likely to be very Indonesian. Entrance with drink at Rp150,000.

The main attraction in Exodus on New Year will be the hot DJ Patricia who plays Riri Mestica/Stadium kind of music. Exodus is better if you book a sofa as the dancefloor is rather small. Tel: 08 58 11 567 567.

Mille's is the nightclub where the most hardcore clubbers will go. Be careful with drugs though, it would be too bad to start 2016 in prison.

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13 comments to '' 20 Best New Year Eve Parties in Jakarta for 2016 "

  1. This year I thought Thamrin is NOT closed? Let me find the link

  2. http://jakarta.coconuts.co/2015/12/15/no-new-years-eve-entertainment-around-hotel-indonesia-roundabout-year-governor-ahok

    1. Hi there, there is no entertainment on Bunderan HI but Jalan Thamrin and Sudirman will be car-free until Senayan... I actually got the info from coconuts as well: http://jakarta.coconuts.co/2015/12/22/government-announces-new-years-eve-will-be-car-free-night-jakarta

  3. I wouldn't discount Colosseum even if you're not in the North. We did NYE there last year and was great fun with plenty of Expats there. Colo has without a doubt the best Sound & Lighting setup in Jakarta and nothing compares to experiencing it on a full house as it will likely be on NYE. Ommet Ozcan is a decent Dutch "Big Room" EDM and will probably spin a slick set more on the commercial side but if you don't like that sound there will also be a darker techno playing in the Void room.

    Bonus 1 - will be open till 10am.

    Bonus 2 - there is a 50 room hotel on the top floor so you can even stay the night/day after partying!

    This year we planning on doing New Year countdown in the South then head up the Tollway to Colo via Ancol early in the morning to avoid traffic and after party through to daybreak and beyond...

    1. Thank you for your comment... I didn't know Colosseum was open until 10am, that's a big plus indeed... It's a much better after-hour alternative to Mille's...

    2. For closing time of 10am I'm going off NYE last year where they were still going strong after 9am and also a couple of weeks ago for the DWP after parties which they also closed very late 10am according to the security although we weren't there till the end leaving at 8:30am.

      Agree that with the late closing it will be one of the better after party spots in Jakarta. As much as I love occasionally losing myself in the Milles small room it is a pretty freaked out dirty and dingy venue and you need completely out of it to enjoy!

  4. Is there any kids friendly place for new year party? Is seems most of these places are for adults.

    1. Hi, yes all of these are for adults...

      If I had kids, I would take them either to Ancol, to Monas, to Taman Fatahillah or to walk in Sudirman/Thamrin... It is going to be very lively and memorable I'm sure... Just beware of the fireworks...

      If you prefer being in a restaurant, I am sure that most five star hotels will have a kid-friendly new year's eve party in their restaurants. From a quick search on internet, I saw that Mercure Simatupang is organizing a Star Wars party on the 31st in their bar Karumba (the price is Rp500k++ for adults and Rp250k++ for children).

  5. hey guys... I am coming to celebrate my new years eve in Jakarta... planning to go to the best rooftop clubs... skyeve is the one i am ooking forward to... but i wanna party hardcore! let me know if there are better places than skye... i am coming to jakarta for the first time so i am nit sire which hotel should i book as well.. somebody help!!! thanks and cheers!

  6. I think i will be staying home, have nobody to go out with :(
    If somebody by chance reads this today and wants to meet +6282113449543
    42 yo guy from Holland, living in Karet Kuningan.

  7. Thanks.. gonna hit immigrant for new year's eve! Nice and informative writing :)

  8. Can you do one of these articles for 2017 nye?

    1. Yes the NYE 2017 in Jakarta guide is coming in the next few days...