The only remaining colonial drawbridge in Indonesia, Kota Intan was built by the Dutch in 1630. It looks similar to bridges built in Amsterdam at the same period.

Connecting the districts of Pinangsia and Roa Malaka, it was manually leveraged whenever a boat would request access. The boat were usually transporting spices on the Ciliwung river up until warehouses located further down the canal. You can still visit them at the Museum Bahari or the restaurants Raja Kuring and VOC Galangan.
Warehouse in Restaurant Raja Kuring
Warehouse in Restaurant VOC Galangan
The Kota Intan bridge is not used anymore but it was well renovated and it can make a stop on your way from Taman Fatahillah to Sunda Kelapa.

Kota Intan Bridge
Near Taman Fatahillah
Jl. Kali Besar Barat, Jakarta

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