The Jakarta History Museum (Museum Sejarah Jakarta in Indonesian) is one of the numerous things to do for tourists around Taman Fatahillah Square. As the name suggests, it traces the history of Jakarta from prehistoric times up until modern times. In my opinion, it is the second best museum in the area after the Museum Bank Indonesia.

It is located inside the colonial building which served as the city hall for Batavia from 1710 to 1913. In 1974, it became a museum displaying any kinds of artifacts, paintings, drawings, maps, replicas, furniture and objects about the history of Jakarta.

As often with Jakarta museums, the building is worth the visit as much as the collection. In particular, it is interesting to spend some time in the nice backyard and to inspect the dungeon.
There aren't that many rooms to look so you will only need around 30 minutes. Even though it isn't the most interesting museum you'll ever visit, I think it is worth having a look at. The entrance fee is very cheap anyway. Be careful as many explanations are only written in Indonesian.

Jakarta History Museum
Museum Sejarah Jakarta
Jalan Taman Fatahillah Square No. 1
Jakarta 11110
Phone number: +62 (0) 21 692 9101

Opening hours:
From Tuesday to Sunday from 9am to 3pm. Closed on Monday.

Entrance Fee:
Adults: Rp2,000
Students: Rp1,000
Painting of Sudjojono "The Attack of Mataram on Batavia 1628 and 1629" - 1974

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