Coyote Club in Surabaya is one of the best party spots in the city. It is owned by the same group behind Ten Club and Karaoke and Stasiun Disco (both in Tunjungan Plaza) and Celsius Spa and 360 club (both in Royal Plaza).

If you had to compare it with a nightlife venue in Jakarta, I would say that it is similar to Club 36.

You have sexy dancers all night long (including Thai girls) and a DJ (girls do not do striptease and do not get naked/topless though). The atmosphere is fun and wild as the girls mingle with customers all the time. From time to time, you have famous international DJs or famous local live bands.
Sexy DJ Amel Alvi in Coyote Bar
The main drawback is that Coyote Bar is very expensive, even by Jakarta standard. It is certainly the most expensive nightclub in Surabaya.

Next to Coyote is Ten Club, a high end karaoke (I did not try it). 
Ten Karaoke
Coyote Bar Surabaya and Ten Karaoke
Tunjungan Plaza 4 Lt. 6
Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia
Phone number: +62 (0) 31 5311098

Opening Hours:
Everyday from 9pm to 3am

Facebook: Coyote Club Surabaya or try to add Ten Club
Twitter: Coyote Bar

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