Why Living in Kemang is About to Get Worse

By Tibs

If you live in Kemang, you have probably noticed the green fences with the signs "Tanah Milik TNI - Kodam Jaya" (Land belonging to the Army - Kodam Jaya units). They are circling a huge area from Bangka XII almost up to McDonald's. If I refer to the website of the Kodam Jaya, it takes 2,6 ha.
Unfortunately,  all buildings on this land will be destroyed after lebaran. This is what I was told by local residents. The fate of some buildings is not settled yet though as there seems to be some people trying to make their connections work to avoid closing.

This means that all the following places in Kemang will stop operations (some already did months ago): D'Fest Kemang, Lucro, Opi's Kebab, Nosasi Coffee, Diritna, Hookah, Takigawa, Boxmart, Payon, Pizza Barboni, Treehouse, Sophie Authentique, Fabric, etc.

Apparently, the Kodam Jaya will use the land to make a military base. If you liked living in Kemang because it had a charm you could not find elsewhere in the city, i.e low-rise buildings and a village atmosphere, you can be sure that it won't look the same from now on.

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2 comments to '' Why Living in Kemang is About to Get Worse "

  1. Yes - many places have now closed and been knocked down. The atmosphere is well and truly changing...
    My friend who is a long term resident says the Army will be building 8 towers - something like Kemang Village, not for Army use, but purely residential and commercial. No doubt the senior officers will get a 'special' discount mind you ;)

  2. Yes a mixed-use development is in the works with a BOT deal with the army and a private developer. The apartments are scheduled to go on sale in the 1st quarter of 2016.