Visiting the Sikh Temple Gurdwara, just a few hundred meters away from Pasar Baru market, is one of the most interesting and original things you can do in Jakarta.

Indonesia has approximately 15,000 sikhs, most of whom live in Jakarta or Medan. I was told that there is a slight difference in the origin of the two communities. Most Sikhs in Medan came to Indonesia as warriors for the Dutch army in the 19th century, while Sikhs who came to Jakarta were mostly traders and businessmen.

Built in 1955, the Gurdwara Sikh Temple in Pasar Baru is the largest in Jakarta. There is another one in Tanjung Priok (built in 1925) and two smaller ones in Ciputat and Tangerang. All were built by Sikhs families from Medan who migrated to the capital.

To enter the temple, you must obey certain rules such as taking off your shoes, washing your hands and feet, and wearing something to cover your head. You can borrow a hat or a veil at the entrance if needed.

The main prayer room is on the ground floor:
The Vaisakhi (Punjab harvest festival) and Gurupurbs (festivals dedicated to one of Sikhism 10 gurus) are celebration days that make a visit even more interesting. They also have weddings, which are held in the second floor:
Wedding room of Gurdwara Sikh Temple Pasar Baru
Since the temple is not exactly a tourist attraction, it is best to make a phone call before visiting (see below for contact details). Ideally, the caretaker can take you around as he did with me and he can tell you a bit of history about the Sikh community in Jakarta.

You can also go there early morning between 6am and 9am, during prayer time. A free meal of Indian/Punjabi food is offered to anyone visiting, whatever their religion. It seems there are also some Sindhis who come to Gurdwara to pray as well. 
Yes free Indian food every day!
Gurdwara Sikh Temple
Jalan Pasar Baru Timur No 10
Central Jakarta, Indonesia
Phone number: +62 (0) 21 - 3843338 / 3453734 
Surprisingly, it has two Facebook pages: Gurdawara or Sikh Temple Jakarta

Visitors can request accommodation too.

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