Update December 2016: I went to Venesia with a friend last Saturday night. The entrance fee was Rp150,000 (Rp100,000 during week days) so we hesitated a bit before paying. We finally did after the receptionist told us the club was full. It turned out she lied and it was almost empty. The only people there were a group of 3 lady companions who were playing on their phones and didn't even acknowledge our presence. The DJ was playing music from the 90s (Ace of Base, Inner Circle, etc). Just before leaving, we ordered a beer and it turned out the price was Rp75,000 each.

Original review:
The Venesia Executive Hotel, Club and Karaoke is located in BSD (Bumi Serpong Damai) in Tangerang. It is at least one hour away from Jakarta.

To my knowledge, it is the only upper class one-stop entertainment venue in Tangerang. For those who don't know, one-stop entertainment venues in Indonesia are big complexes with generally a hotel, a spa, a karaoke, a restaurant and a club. If there is the word "executive" in their names, it means that it is reserved for men and that most likely, all girls you will find inside are money-oriented. For exemple: Golden Crown or Sun City.

I was quite surprised to learn such a party place existed in Tangerang as the local authorities have been known to be rather conservative. The nightlife there, until now, was almost non-existent and it can still be difficult to buy alcoholic drinks.

The Venesia is owned by the same group behind The Venetian Spa and Karaoke in Bandung, which is one of the city's top massage parlours. It is still new but already popular, particularly on weekends. The events are usually similar to that of North Jakarta clubs: Sexy dancers, female DJs or live bands. They are also working with the DJs from Stadium.

Overall: Tangerang is far for anyone staying in Central Jakarta. If you are living there though, The Venesia might be your best option for a festive night out.

The Venesia Hotel, Spa, Club and Karaoke
Jalan Pahlawan Seribu (Next to Teras Kota Mall)
Commercial park CBD Lot VIII. No.2 BSD City
South Tangerang

Phone number: 081802020248 or 08568886646
BB Pin: 79BC2411

4 comments to '' The Venesia BSD - Tangerang Nightlife "

  1. I think this is the best one in south tangerang.

  2. Everyone knows if this has open during Ramada? Staying at the mercure hotel tangerang and don't want to Stay home all weekend.

  3. Quite expensive for spa

  4. Best spa center in BSD

    They got 3 classes of service with different price model , start from 800.000.

    They got pretty angels, must visit if you could effort.

    Karaoke is pricy, all in would be 5jt, I had avoided it and went to soa with mid range full-service facility, cost me 910.000 for standard room with sexiest therapist.

    Worth visit