Lunatic is a massage parlour located in Alam Sutera, Tangerang. It offers basic and clean facilities in a discreet area.

Services that are part of the massage include a handjob and petik mangga (balls massage). You can get more depending on the girl (naked body massage, private shower or blow job). The therapist can also wear special sexy costumes like schoolgirl, kimono, sexy animal lingerie, flight attendant or nurse.

Prices for the standard room is Rp130,000 for 90 minutes (tips recommended) and for the deluxe room with locker inside, Rp170,000.

As you can see on the picture above and below, high-ranking officials from the Indonesian police congratulated Lunatic Massage on their opening. This means several things: The place is owned by someone close from the police / the owner has close ties with the Police. Either way, welcome to Indonesia!
Congratulations from the Police!

Opening Hours:
Every day from 11am to 10pm

Lunatic Massage Parlour
Ruko De Mansion Blok E No. 5 (near Holycow)
Jalan Sutera Raya, Alam Sutera, Tangerang

Phone number: +62 (0) 82299170825
Blackberry Pin : 2B4D8217

Photos of the therapists available on Photobucket:

3 comments to '' Lunatic Massage (Alam Sutera) "

  1. This place has been closed by police. They put SEGEL. Actually all other massage at that same ruko2 in the mansion have been closed by police. Grand quick is still open and is nearby (let than 5 minutes).

    1. This place and also all others there are open again. In the same area have Lunatic, dMansion, Dragon and Orchard. As far i know only at Orchard spa can get FJ. Rest is PM with HJ.

  2. They have moved. Now they near SMS mall. Next to Viorre spa. They have about 15 terapist and half is cute IMO. The rooms are all same and have shower with curtain. The massage itself is ok. I had good fun talking with the girl. When she started with the PM HJ i asked for more available but no ML/FJ and no BJ. Icould get BM for extra 400k.
    As iwanted to see more of her i agreed. And had a good time. Really GFE with kissing licking rubbinf etc. I could finger her in return. Spend long time playing. Even had to extend 1 session.
    She say ML cannot be here but i could take her out on a "date" on her off day. Total cost 190 for 3 sessions and 400 for tips. Fun but not cheapest. Can get FJ at other places for that.