Even though the Indonesian Police is receiving some bad press occasionally, I thought it was time to celebrate their work and ethic through a short illustrated post. I haven't traveled that much in the world, but it seems fair to me to say that the Indonesian Police could be among the best in the planet.

Here are 13 reasons why:

The Indonesian Police is particularly compassionate towards the sick and the elderly.

Pakubuwono XIII is thanking the police for its understanding
In 2015, the King of Solo was asked to provide a DNA sample so the police could check if he raped a 16 years old woman. Unfortunately, the King was feeling unwell that day. The Police understood the situation and dropped the case altogether, allowing one very sick man to remain free. More on the Jakarta Globe: Sick Solo King No Show For Questioning.

The Indonesian Police is a role model for many people who want to be super-heroes.

Angry Mobs are part of Indonesia's folklore
America has Batman, Britain has James Bond, Indonesia has "Angry Mobs". Angry mobs are even better than superheroes: They find the guilty people, they make a trial on the spot, and they execute the sentence. In most cases, the super power of the mob is gasoline but it can also be the mastering of ropes, sticks and knobs. Read more about it in the Economist: Lynching in Indonesia.

The Indonesian Police is not afraid of taking risks.

The bullet-proof vest proved very useful in this high-risk case
In February 2015, the Surabaya Police cracked down on illegal possession of Valentine chocolates and sweets. Even better, they seized condoms from couples who were consenting adults just about to make love. Rest assured, they all went to jail for your very own safety. Read more about it in the Jakarta Globe: Lovers Detained for Doing The Nasty Thing

The Indonesian Police is efficient.

Only Teh Botol and Teh Kotak permitted 
On April 22nd, 2015, it took 60 policemen to seize 20 bottles of alcohol during a citywide raid. According to my sources, 5 Policemen were carrying 4 bottles each and the remaining 55 were assigned to smoking cigarettes. How lucky we are that the police cares some much about health issues. Read more in The Jakarta Post: Police Raid Minimart.

Photo : Budhi Firmansyah Surapati / Beritajakarta.Com

The Indonesian Police is not afraid to admit its mistakes.

That was the picture before Daddy came to visit
Don't you hate people who never admit their mistakes? Indonesian Police does just the contrary. On January 20th 2015, Christopher Daniel Sjarif lost control of his car, killed 4 people and flew the scene. The urine tests came back positive for LSD and the driver himself confessed to taking drugs. Yet, a few days later, the Police said they made a mistake and that the drivers should be released as it was just a "pure accident". Christopher can certainly be happy that the police is not afraid to admit when it is wrong. Read more on the Jakarta Globe: Police Confused About LSD Suspect.

The Indonesian Police protects the innocent child.

The outrageous Panda jumper mobilized Mangga Besar police for a week

As most people, you are truly shocked by the indecent jumper shown in the picture above. Even though it does not really exist and it was just part of a joke, the Indonesian Police preferred to take this issue as seriously as possible and asked for the public's vigilance to prevent anyone from wearing it. Complete story on the DailyMail: Police Warning for Indecent Panda Jumper.

The Indonesian Police is made of angels.

The Police assured the test does not discriminate against women 
Only virgins are accepted in the Indonesian Police force. This makes sense because its moral is so pure that it cannot be corrupted by anyone who had intercourse. We all know that the 250,000,000 Indonesians that populate the country were all created without sexual intercourse. Read more on CNN: Virginity Test for Police Officers.

©Adek Berry (AFP/File)

The Indonesian Police is tremendously respected.

Policemen protecting the shade of a parking lot
The Indonesian people sees its Police force as a perfect example of honesty. In fact, almost 8% of the respondents of a Transparency International 2014 survey estimated that the country's Police Force is not corrupt. That's better than Pakistan and almost as good as Zimbabwe. Only some silly minds complain from time to time but it does not take long before they realize their mistake and apologize. Read more on the Jakarta Globe: Adrianus Apologizes for Calling National Police Corrupt.

Photo Source: Reuters

The Indonesian Police knows how to have fun.

Now who wants weed?
Just like anybody, some Indonesian policemen enjoy a little party and some drugs to blow off steam when needed. The good thing is that unlike other citizens, they don't have to worry too much about going to jail. More in the Jakarta Post: 34 Police Officer Unpunished After Positive Drug Test.

The Indonesian Police is capable of empathy, forgiveness and understanding.

Ahmad Dhani with good pal Himmler
Ahmad Dhani gave his 13 years old son a Mitsubishi Lander as a present. The boy was safely driving at 180 km/hour until it collided with two cars and killed 7 people. The Police concluded there was no wrongdoing on neither Dhani or his son's side and closed the case without charging anybody. Indonesians are so lucky that their Police understood that no one should be blamed for this insignificant matter. Read more on Jakarta Globe: Ahmad Dhani Not Charged.

The Indonesian Police knows about drugs that no other Police in the World knows.

The Policeman on the right is carrying the magic stone in his right hand
While rapists in Europe can keep abusing children as they please, Indonesian Police has discovered a new drug called "Magic Stone" that enables them to make more convictions of rapists. This drug was used by Neil Bantleman from Jakarta International School to rape kids in a "Secret Room" that only the Indonesian Police is able to perceive. Read more on the Jakarta Globe: Police Accuse JIS Teachers of Using Magic Stone.

Photo source: Adi Weda/European Pressphoto Agency

The Indonesian Police is generous.

Come on, come closer from the fire
In March 2015, the Police of Tangerang seized 3,3 tons of Marijuana. After much discussion, they decided that the best way to give back to the community was to make a big open air fire with it so everyone could feel high, free of charge. Read more in the Daily Mail: Entire Tangerang Town Get High.

The Indonesian Policemen are true believers.

In December 2014, the Jakarta Post published a cartoon that was criticizing ISIS in Iraq. The police could not accept that because the word Allah was in the cartoon so they summoned the Jakarta Post editor for questioning. They will not let anyone spread blasphemy. It is good to know that smart people are defending religions. Read More in the National Post: Indonesian Newspaper Accused of Blasphemy.

And finally, the Indonesian Police is fluent in English and knows how to give clear instructions to citizens:
With so many qualities, it is only normal that Indonesian Police officers, especially high ranking ones, receive a fair compensation for their work. I am scandalized when I read people complaining because Budi Gunawan, currently the number 2 Chief Police in the country earned 7,2M USD during his 2-year tenure as head of the Police Career Development. That's only 300,000 USD per month which is just 10X more than Barack Obama's salary. I don't believe this money could have been better used.

First picture source: Aditia Noviansyah

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  1. That's hilarious I had to read the first one a few times to make sure I realised you were taking the p155 hahahaha

  2. The arrogance of the Indonesian police is demonstrated by the fact that they don't need to come up with any reasonable arguments or explanations for their self-serving actions...and they are supremely aware of it.

  3. but however (whatever??), They are the boss,..until you show them The money, because that is their God..you Dig?....

  4. lets take drugs with the police youll feel safe

  5. Wowww Awesomee!!

    Proud to be an Indonesiannn!! Go go gooo!!

  6. hahaha, as an indonesian myself, i found these sarcastic remarks to be actually true. try not to worry about indonesian police too much, most of them are uneducated villagers morons who were bestowed power when they graduate taruna sekolah polri, just think of them as dogs or animals wearing police outfit, give a dog a bone, and they'll wag their tail haha your approach angle have to be correct, a dog will bite if you antagonize it. polisi indo = munafik lowlife scums

  7. When I was in jakarta; I saw plenty police officers just chillin lay back on a bench or something, while on duty; sitting on a relax position while looking at at their smart phone he he he,..sometimes sitting on the ground;..I never seen this before; not even in south american countries i have been visited;..indonesian police has good life he?..and what is up with this "satpol PP" police i hearing so much about, they raid cheap hotels, so that they can catch couples who not married fucking each other;..if they want to fuck, so what man?..let them be;..that is kind of annoying action dont you think?..bastards..whua ha ha ha..

  8. hahaha, tell me when they have to burn some more weed, will be glad to witness it as a good citizen!!

  9. The Indonesian Policemen are also representing the richness of Indonesia and the high morality of the Indonesian people. The high rank police officers are bilioners (at least in Rupiahs), even the middle rank officers have luxurious cars and houses. The whole police officers are receiving bribes and extorting money from whoever has criminal case, including the motorcyclists who forget to turn on the headlight during the day. Stealing money is also common. Perfect example of the morality of the Indonesian people

    1. "Perfect example of the morality of the Indonesian people"..wow man, you are wright;..I am indonesian and i like steeling, because I dont care. so does that make you a saint? if you point your finger at thiefs?..peace Yo..

  10. Police in Indonesia is like a box of chocolate you'll never know whatcha gonna get

    1. you got your ass kicked, that for sure

  11. Well, I Believe thats not the true fact about how silly Indonesian Police is..
    In fact , a month ago I made ​​a driver's license for bike. Then one of them tried to help me to take care of it by asking me less money at 400,000 rupiah for his service plus 150.000 rupiah for administration payment and until now i haven't see that driver's license..
    You see, they really care about helping people :)

  12. Well Indonesia is so Unique with its laws and Its way of life.. Sometime its ridiculous and funy. If You don't like or have critics just keep it for yourself. The kind of Democratic or Liberal Life Style that you guys been living with doesn't mean it can be compatible in places in the world.. No need complain or wasting your expecting some changes in this Countries. No one should lecture anyone how to live his own life. Indonesia will be more concern with the happiness of its own happiness not the satisfaction for some Guest Tourist or Foreigner worker... Just be Mature and Smart trying to adapt in life circumstances ... No One gives a F..k what you guyz things.. Its Indonesia the home for its people and you guyz are not welcome with your own mentaility of criticism..

    Just be Grateful You Guyz come here spending your cheap savings... at least here people smile at you and polite whereeas where you coming from, treated as "NO BODY"

  13. If you don't give a fuck, why are you taking the time to write a comment? I didn't force you to read this blog, did i? It is written in English for expats to read, not for you actually. If you can't handle criticism, better you stay away from the internet. Or ask your government to censor it just like they did in North Korea. It turned out great for them.

  14. Who ever made this article about indonesian police:F*CK OFF!!

  15. It just really tickles me to make a comment after reading comment from anonymous @December 13, 2015 at 2:54 AM

    If this sarcasm doesn't hit the right spot, you no need to feel offended dude. This articles says what they foreigner saw in our country and read from the news. We don't need to angry if some foreigner criticize our national police like that, because you also know that this is the fact of our police. Doesn't mean I didn't have the patriotism, but this is what we need to make ourselves better. CRITICISM.

    If you receive the harsh criticism, you will say they is outrageous and impolite, they make a sarcasm you cannot accept it, then what makes you so different with the national police that cannot take criticism?

    Everybody have right to say what they have to say, in internet especially in their own blog. Just the same as most of you fanatics people that always criticism western people saying they is devil worshiper, imperialist, and etc etc..so you feel you have right to criticize other people but you unable to accept the sarcasm they throw at you?

    Great sarcasm btw..keep posting bro..
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  16. No all of polices act like that. It's still many polices are kind and religious. I bet, even in US or Europe, you can found bad cops.

  17. Wkwkwk. Hell.. sarcasm. nice

  18. No all of polices act like that. It's still many polices are kind and religious. I bet, even in US or Europe, you can found bad cops.