BART is the latest of the Rooftop Bars in the city. Going on the roof is a very good option in Jakarta since most of the place are closed, with no windows and with full AC. That is maybe one of the reasons why so many rooftop bars have opened recently in Jakarta, and why it is so trendy.

BART (Approximate Acronym of Bar at the Rooftop) is the latest of this long series, it is located in Artotel Hotel on Thamrin near Sarinah. The Hotel itself is very art-friendly with a different Indonesian artist decorating the rooms for each floor. This hotel opened in late 2013 and in October 2014 they are just opening the rooftop bar, maybe after the huge success of Awan Lounge, rooftop bar of Kosenda Hotel, located 200 meters away.

I went to BART for a private party, before the official opening and I was quite impressed by the size of it. It is bigger than Awan Lounge. It is approximately 2 times the size of it and you can actually walk and navigate in the whole place. The other positive thing about BART is that you get some breeze, some air so you are not totally hot and sweaty while drinking your cocktail. The design of the place is not extraordinary I would say, the whole black and white theme colors on the furniture and on the ceiling makes you feel you are a zebra. Girls, you know what colors to wear if you want to be in tone with the place ! If you feel a bit hungry, try the food there: it comes from the restaurant located on the lobby of the hotel and it is very tasty. The Menu is mostly Asian with some western dishes. I had the chicken panini and it was great.

The Bar is located on the seventh floor of the Hotel and you can have a great view at Jakarta Skyline, towards Thamrin, Sudirman and Rasuna Said. This bar is a great addition to Jakarta's nightlife Rooftop Bars list along with Skye Bar and Cloud Lounge in the same area.

Last but not least, you cannot seat on the counters located all around the place.. Even though it is at the perfect height to seat, and there will be a shortage of seats when the bar will be packed, the waiter/waitress will gently tell you that you cannot do that...

Give us your impressions in the comments box and tell us which is your favorite rooftop bar in the city ?

BART @ Artotel Jakarta (near Sarinah Mall)
Jalan Sunda #3
Phone: 021 3192 5888
Website: Artotel
Twitter: Artotel

2 comments to '' BART (Bar at the Rooftop) Artotel Jakarta Thamrin "

  1. i dont think the view is extravagant, just a so-so rooftop bar. as for the drinks and snacks, nothing much. service, bad. the waiters really think they are one of the hypest bar in jakarta. which is ABSOLUTELY NOT. wont ever go there again. better to choose skye or cloud lounge perhaps. or if you want more casual one, awan lounge should be better.

  2. Cocktails are watered down,it's a rip off. Stick to beer..wouldn't recommend the place.