Marimba Night Club (Sentral Hotel)

By Jakarta100bars
Marimba "Diskotik" is a 100% local night club located in Central Jakarta. Due to the traffic in the area, it could take you more than one hour to reach it from Jalan Sudirman.

Marimba is part of Sentral, a 4-star hotel heavily dependent on government officials on seminars and training. Surprisingly, all these people working for the government have not noticed that there is a club popular with recreational drug users and prostitutes in the same building they are sleeping in.

Marimba is indeed a true North-Jakarta style party place. It is dark, rather basic, and the DJs play Stadium kind of music. The girls in the corner are here for the money and they will take you to a room/a karaoke if you are willing to pay.

Overall: If you are into Kota-style Jakarta Nightlife, then you may like Marimba for the atmosphere, the boom-boom music and the friendliness of the staff (who does not see foreigners more than twice a year). If not, then stay in South Jakarta.
Marimba Club and Matoari Karaoke
Hotel Sentral
Jalan Pramuka Raya Kav 63-64
Jakarta Indonesia
Phone number: +62-21 4225511 ext:127, 128

Website: Marimba Dugem Jakarta and Matoari Karaoke
Facebook: Sentral Disko

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  1. "Stadium kind of music"? Do they really play such music (progressive/vocal trance?) or do they play techno kota?