Is Bali Becoming a Sex Tourism Destination?

By Jakarta100bars
One of the biggest changes to Bali nightlife since the past 5 years is the seemingly growing number of prostitution or semi-prostitution venues in Bali.

Those places were once discreetly located in Sanur or in some seedy streets in Denpasar, but they are now everywhere and they are certainly not trying to hide.

In Kartika Plaza, you have the new District Club which features sexy dancers and karaoke rooms with Lady Companions. It is owned by Tommy Winata, famous for being behind naughty clubs like Golden Crown in Jakarta. Other naughty KTVs include EC Bali, Tang Chao (for Chinese) and Level One.

In Denpasar, Akasaka was extended with a new room called A-Club, also with sexy dancers and prostitutes. The old room in Akasaka is packed on weekends and during my visit there, I saw fully naked women trying to sell tequila shots to customers in exchange for private lap dances. Considering the head-banging music that was played there, we can imagine most people inside were taking drugs (I was offered ecstasy pills upon entering too, which I declined).

Boshe is another example: Opened on Jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai about 3 years ago, it is one of the most popular clubs in Bali for Asian people at the moment. Most customers are men who book a karaoke room or a table, and lady companions.

Adora (ex-Blue Eyes) is, according to my sources, in the process of being bought by the Alexis group from Jakarta (owned by Alex Tirta, behind Colosseum, Zen Club, 1001, Tease Club, Alexis, Club 36). If you live in Jakarta, you will know what it means: Adora should be turned into a complete luxury sex place with strippers and karaoke rooms.

Delta has finally opened in Bali a spa, a karaoke and a club. They are not afraid to advertise about their Russian sexy dancers on a huge billboard in Sunset Road and with a full booth inside the Domestic Airport.

Speaking of spas, the number of plus plus massage parlours has also tripled! It used to be only a few spas such as Star Bugar. You now have Delta Spa, Riverview Spa, Royal Palace, Flamming Spa, Sriya, Maharani, Ofis, etc...

There is even a massage parlour where you can have threesomes, foursomes, bondage and roleplay (check H69).

Unique in Indonesia, women have the possibility in Bali of getting straight and lesbian Yoni massage with the outcall service TBM - Total Body Massage (they also have sensual massages for gays, straight men and couples).

It is still nothing compared to what is available in Jakarta, but you have to consider all these places did not exist just 5 years ago... What surprises me is how easy they advertise about their facilities and services, most of which are illegal in Indonesia.

Since the closure of Dolly, the largest red-light district in Southeast Asia, it also seems many prostitutes have relocated to Bali, particularly in Sanur (see that article for more information Anticipating Dolly's Relocation To Bali). There may be also more freelance prostitution in several bars in Bali such as Crusoe's, La Vida Loca (closed), Mint, DeeJay Café, Skygarden, Paddy's Pub but I do not have any reliable data to support my claim.

Finally, I believe there is also a growing number of online prostitutes in Bali. They can be found in apps like Badoo, Tinder, IndonesiaCupid or WeChat. Adult Friend Finder, a paying hook-up site also has several suspicious ads. Plenty of sugar babies based in Bali are waiting for you to take care of them while on holiday (have a look at SeekingArrangement).

In the end, there is an increase in the number of venues offering sex services but I believe it would not be appropriate to say that Bali is becoming a sex tourism destination. Organized prostitution caters mostly to a local market: Indonesian and expats residents in Bali, and also some Asian tourists from Jakarta, Malaysia and Singapore. It is very limited compared to Thailand where even the smallest island has dozens of massage parlours and gogo bars. I hope it will stay that way!

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  1. You are hoping that Bali will not turn into a sex tourism destination but your article is actually very helpful to sex tourists coming to Jakarta and Bali...

    1. Hallo i am mature women seeking partner sex caucasian white man . If you interested please contact/whatsaap plus six two eight seven eight seven eight for three three five eight five. Sorry local man or lesbian or lady boy or broker. Sorry for paid service man

  2. @Jal It's also very helpful to people who wants to avoid these kind of places.

  3. Bali is no way add good as anywhere else in Asia. .... especially compared to Thailand Cambodia and other places. .. Most places is hard to find massage plus plus. ...
    There is none in seminyak.... aside from gay one. Even a lady boy didn't want to plus plus!
    I for one don't think heading to seedy areas where you can be ripped off, or robbed is good at all. ...
    Bali is nice for destination however for sex it's more effort than its worth.....
    Bali is more expensive than is commonly thought. In fact aside from normal massage most things are barely much cheaper than oz.

  4. 90% of the pro girls in clubs are old and ugly, some are lady boys too! better quality with those who are in low cost room , ojek drivers usually guide to them but should be careful of the scam and hygiene

  5. Average Indons gets more hardship by the day. Many turns to prostitution. While their elites benefits from all the fdi's flooding in, driving up inflation. A sample case, as recent as 5 years ago, fresh grads from reputable universities would've lived comfortably - though basic. But now, even those from good families, unless their well off parents showering them with financial support, their starter salary barely covers basic living expenses in Indonesia's major cities. Those who are blessed with looks moonlights as Sales Promotion Girls for consumer products, like cars to insurance, mostly cigarettes, the most visible ones if you happen to be in street-level public places, many discreetly offers services. IMO, being young, educated and presentable, they're way better than the average working ayams or blok M ladies - they speak better english too.

  6. Its always been a sex tourism destination, its just that the market is adapting to a changing clientele. Prostitution exists in myriad forms in Bali, from warung hookers to top-end escorts and everything in between. Savvy entrepreneurs have taken a gamble on establishing the kinds of places that well-heeled travelers (usually domestic, and other Asian) like to visit. These places aren't cheap to set up and require a lot of greasing of palms to keep them in business.

  7. i think, you cannot said bali become city for sex destination. In fact, every city in indonesian, especially in metropolis city, many people offer prostitution via online like social media and etc.

  8. Anyone wanna meet up to explore Bali this 29 March 2018?

    1. I am in Bali starting the 18th of April. Need someone local to show me around in the evening as during the day I will be busy with work.

  9. Still there? In Bali now and up for some beers and exploring

  10. The reason Bali is expensive is bcoz all these Bule make prices go up. On top of that,rice paddy and farms being sold to Bule for more building development hotels restaurant etc. Locals on the other hand, can't even enjoy their own beach becoz it's to expensive for them to buy foods around the toueito area. So back to the prostitution question, how do this happen in area like Bali? Bali is supposed to be for indonesia family vacation but it's not that safe anymore to bring indo kids to Bali becoz of so much nakedness like pretty much everywhere. It's like the beachis only for people who enjoys or OK being dressed-less or watching people dressed less. I used to go to Bali long time ago, people were more innocent then. Now, spoiled, recent graduate with no job, and no stable income, go there to have puss and Didi ! Unbelievable. Bali is supposed to be family friendly, bad people with their crazy sick sex imagination on their head, turn Bali to this sin City. May God brings the real beauty and innocence back to Bali, my Bali.

    1. You are an idiot. Completely brainless. Low IQ, poor thinking, zero judgement, total ignorance.

      1) Most tourists in Bali are Chinese, Singaporean, Malaysian, Japanese and Indonesian.

      2) "locals can't enjoy the beach because it's too expensive to buy food"? WTF are you talking about? The beach is free.

      3) Balinese don't like Javanese and they'll much rather have 10 bule for every Javanese coming to Bali.

      4) Indonesia has tens of thousand beaches, so why are Muslims and Conservatives coming to Bali if they are shocked? Why don't you go to Aceh for a family vacation instead of spoiling the ONLY place in Indonesia that is open minded?

      5) Balinese culture welcome nudity. You are the one spoiling it.

  11. Are all this places still available? Or they're close now?