Watercress is a café/restaurant located on Jalan Batu Belig in Seminyak. It is mostly appealing for the healthy options of its menu, particularly for breakfast. It also serves a small range of pastries (American ones), healthy juices and extracts, and coffee from the brand Revolver (whose main branch is on Jalan Oberoi).

On the day I visited, most of the customers seemed to be Australians, which is not surprising considering the owner is Australian himself. He may have some French blood too as the playlist was made of songs popular in France a few years ago.

Watercress could be easy to miss as it is small and simple. I would have ignored it but it was quite busy from the outside and it made me curious to try. We had just eaten so we only went for a Lassie (Rp35,000+16% tax and service), a Smoothie (Rp35,000++), a Blueberry Muffin (Rp30,000++), and an Apple Rhubarb Crumble with Ice Cream (Rp55,000++).

The service is friendly but a little disorganized. They waited about 10 minutes to tell us that our first smoothie order (Mango) was unavailable, and it then took another 10 minutes to bring the food and drinks to our table.
None of the items we tried impressed us. It was home-cooking at best, the kind of cakes you could eat at your son's friend birthday party. It was a bit of a disappointment and it made us feel Watercress is a tad overrated. Their prices aren't that cheap either. I should probably try a "real" dish next time though...

My impression about Watercress is that it is the café of a community. It is a place where people go because this is where they will meet like-minded people. If you are a bit of a hippie, a hipster or just plain hip, Watercress is probably the place for you and you'll fit right in.

We were staying in the garden area and it was quite noisy as it is just a few meters away from the road. Corner House or Grocer & Grind, which are very similar to Watercress are more relaxing in my opinion, especially in the morning. I guess I would sit in the back of the restaurant next time I visit instead.

Overall: I may come back to Watercress but with very little excitement. My only expectations would be to eat a decent breakfast under 10$.
Watercress Restaurant and Revolver Coffee
Near Naughty Nuris
Jalan Batu Belig #21a
Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia 80361

Phone number: +62 (0) 361 7808 030
Email: cafewatercress@gmail.com

Facebook: Watercress Bali
Twitter: Watercress Bali

Opening Hours:
Every day from 7am to 6pm

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