Kowloon Hotel & Café Manado

By Nyoman

Kowloon Hotel & Café is a small "one-stop entertainment" complex in Manado, the kind you would usually find in Jakarta, but much smaller. I had trouble to find this place because there is not a lot of public information about it and they don't have any website or Facebook account up to date. So I had to ask several waiters in Restaurants and Bars and I had the information. The place is quite hidden and there are no huge sign announcing the place. But it has a nice location close to the beach, with an outdoor terrace.

Unfortunately, the place was closed when I went there (Lebaran) so I did not go inside to actually check it out. I have heard many things about it: Live music, Live bands, Karaoke place but also "ayam bar", Café and Massage rooms. I heard there was many girls there, "PSK" ("Pekerja Seks Komersial") as they are being called here... It is more a place for locals, with the possibility to have a Massage Plus Plus and many more (you can take girls in the rooms right next to the bar).

Feel free to comment if you went to this place to share your experience with us.

Kowloon Hotel & Café Manado
Massage Parlour and Ayam Bar
Jalan Kayuwulan Melalayang
(perpendicular road to Jl Wolter Mongisidi, towards the sea)
Manado 95211

No Phone Number
No Website

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