Warung Ocha is an "upgraded" warung at the intersection of Jalan Dyana Pura (where all the gay nightlife in Bali is located) and Jalan Raya Seminyak. It is clean, cute and offers good value-for-money.

They used to be famous for their cheap Indonesian food buffet, but its quality has decreased (and its price increased) compared to other "real" warungs nearby. Now it is mostly tourists or local expats going there. They have a strategic location, great to watch people pass by if you sit on the street side. If you need more calm, they also have a courtyard area.
Baguette Sandwich (Rp43,000++)
Wild Salad (43,000rp++)
I go to Warung Ocha to eat easy-to-make, cheap foods such as pastas, salads, sandwiches or breakfast dishes. It is usually good enough for the price you pay. If you don't feel comfortable eating Indonesian food from local warungs, you may be interested to try in Ocha as it has a Western feel.

Overall: I wouldn't cross mountains to eat in Warung Ocha, but if you are looking for a cute, affordable place to eat in the area, you will be satisfied. They only have waitresses, some of whom can be quite unfriendly (one in particular).
Warung Ocha
Indonesian and International Food
Jalan Raya Seminyak No 52
Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia 80365
Phone number: +62 (0) 361 736 222

Facebook: Warung Ocha Seminyak

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  1. I love eating here and have had breakfast at Ocha's several times. You're right, its a bit pricier than other warung, but for me the quality is also higher.
    Not sure what you mean re. the wait staff, perhaps she has moved on.