Kebun Zibiru Cucina Italiana (Bali)

By Jakarta100bars
Kebun Ziburu is an Italian restaurant owned by a young Italian man, Luigi Calcagno. It is located on Jalan Drupadi in Seminyak, inside a small house with a garden (kebun in Indonesian). I went there on an evening when they had a live Jazz event so it gave me an excellent first impression.

The young Italian manager, Mauro Piludu welcomed me personally before taking my food order, which was even nicer.

All this gave me high expectations for the food, which did not seem too expensive at first. I had a 3-course meal with Carpaccio di Filetto di Vitella (Rp75,000++), the Zibiru Salad (Rp77,000++) and the Tarte aux Pommes (Apple Tart, Rp42,000++). 
Apple Tart 
From reading on the menu, the food description was appetizing but I must admit I was a bit disappointed with the actual taste. I thought my salad was too simple for the price, even though the ingredients were good. Maybe I should have ordered a more complicated dish. The Apple Tart was not very good, especially the dough. Only the juice and the carpaccio made me satisfied. 

The idea behind Kebun Zibiru is to bring food directly from the farm to the restaurant. It sounds good in terms of marketing, but it is the case of most restaurants in Bali as it keeps the costs low. They also do their own bread and pasta.
Overall: I recommend you to try Zibiru for the personalized attention, the relax garden area, and their weekly Jazz events. Regarding the food, I have the feeling that I was unlucky and that I should probably give them a second chance. From what I tried, the food was average and a bit expensive.

It is suitable for a date/romantic dinner, but there was not a lot of wind and it feel a bit hot. I got a few mosquito bites too.

Zibiru Restaurant
Jalan Drupadai, Kuta, Bali 80361
Phone number: +62 (0) 361 733 265 / +62 (0) 822 366 31 302

Facebook: Café Zibiru
Google +: Zibiru
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Instagram: Kebun Zibiru

2 comments to '' Kebun Zibiru Cucina Italiana (Bali) "

  1. Dear Thibaud,

    Thank you for visiting our restaurant. We would like to clarify some misconceptions reflected in your review. All our fruits and vegetables are cultivated on our private, environmentally positive farm in Bedugul—this is our way of maintaining a higher quality of freshness that cannot be obtained from traditional outlets—providing a true farm-to-table experience.

    Regretfully, the Zibiru salad you ordered does not reflect the essence of what our restaurant is all about: authentic regional Italian cuisine. We are known for and pride ourselves on our homemade fresh pastas. Each dish represents a region in Italy, which provides diners with the opportunity to take a culinary tour of the country, savoring the different flavors that each region is known for.

    As is the case in the tropics, one must be ready to succumb to the climate conditions and potential exposure to mosquitoes when dining al fresco in the evenings. Insect repellent for those prone to getting bitten is recommended.

    We invite you to return for a second evaluation and to try one of our pastas so you can better appreciate what a true Italian kitchen has to offer.

    Best regards,

    1. Hello,

      Thank you for your reply...

      I will try to visit again as I also have the feeling that I didn't choose a representative dish...

      Best regards,