Akasaka is one of the biggest nightclubs in Denpasar, Bali. It is a Jakarta-style one stop entertainment complex controlled by the Balinese mafia. It is 99% crowded with Indonesians and it is famous for being full of drugs, particularly ecstasy. The security of the place actually offered me some just after I paid for my entrance ticket (Rp60,000).

The main club of Akasaka is called the Music Room. It is a dark stage where they have live music, sexy dancers (sometimes nude), and later in the night Funky House DJs. For those who are not used to it, Funky House or Techno Kota is a headbanging music style in which the DJ remixes famous tunes 3 times the normal speed. It is particularly suitable for users of recreative drugs... It is usually packed on weekends until early morning. Many prostitutes go there too.
Music Room in Akasaka (yes it is dark...)
Inside the same complex, you have a big karaoke with Lady Companions, some of which you can see on their website: LC Akasaka Bali. I made screen shots below at the end of the post.
Sexy Dancer in A-Club
"Fashion" show in A-Club
A-Club is part of of Akasaka but you will have to pay again to enter. It is more expensive but it is more classy. They will often have guest DJs from the best clubs in Jakarta. On the night I visited, there was DJ Bobby from Stadium actually. They also have sexy dancers and there seems to be prostitutes as well, but from higher class. I did see a few foreigners inside. 
Overall: Akasaka is recommended if you are into Kota Jakarta's kind of nightlife. It is the occasion to party in Bali away from the tourists, with the local crowd. A-Club is much more appropriate for expats as the music is Western electro, but it is not often full. For more info about Kuta, Seminyak and Denpasar nightlife, please read my guide about the 12 Hottest Nightclubs in Bali.

UPDATE JUNE 2017: Akasaka has been raided by the police and it is currently closed after 19,000 pills of ecstasy were found.

Contact details:
Akasaka and A-Club Bali
Club, Bar, Restaurant, Karaoke, Live Music
Jalan Teuku Umar, Simpang Enam, Denpasar, Bali

Phone number: +62-361 238551 or +62 (0) 8 12222 666 80 (Akasaka Club) or +62 (0) 8 1222 6666 80 (A-Club)
Email: info@akasaka-bali.com
BB pin: 25B5D7FD

Sorry for the low pictures quality! I only had a mobile phone with me as the security took my camera... To compensate, here are pictures from their facebook page and from their website:
- screenshots from the Lady Companion (LC) of Akasaka + individual pics:

4 comments to '' Akasaka and A-Club (Bali) "

  1. Spot on review.

    I've partied here a few times at the top floor A-Club mostly with Jakarta Socialite girls in Bali for the weekend and had a lot of fun. You will likely be one of the only foreigners inside if you go but with many pretty girls.

    It's a good place to check out if you want to get off the beaten track from the usual Bali party spots in Seminyak & Kuta. As you say most people here will be rolling and it's not hard to find E if you intend to stay up with the club closing very late on weekends but don't forget your sunglasses for the long drive back from Denpasar to your Hotel/Villa.

    If you enjoy clubbing in Kota, Jakarta especially Stadium/Milles/Millennium/Illegals style I'm sure you like this club.

    It seems with the Stadium deejays now homeless in Jakarta they are more often playing their Tribal/Progressive House sound at A-Club on weekends in Bali. Worth checking out if they are in town. The normal A-Club house deejays tend to favour a more trance sound but are also good.

  2. How much for the ecstasy?

  3. NYE was 600K

    They just got busted so the price might go up.


  4. where to for that kind of party now in bali? (with easy access to ecst.)?