Three Buns is the current trendy place in Jakarta (in May 2014). It was opened by the group behind Potato Head. The owners should write a marketing book and give it to McDonald's. They could call it: "How to sell fast-food 3 times its normal price?".

Three Buns is actually a very pretty and original place, with friendly staff and a unique concept. Unfortunately, because it is expensive, it didn't work for me.

It has no aircon, very limited service, no comfortable place to sit and a not so many options in the menu. Yet their cheapest burger costs over 100,000rp net. 

The overall design is great and it is the best thing about Three Buns. It plays on a hipster trend with a raw, back-to-basics setting. There is good music and it is made so that everyone can see each other. When it is full, it must have a great atmosphere. I also think that they could organize events as the restaurants is shaped like an arena.

Now with the things I didn't like: You have to order your food at the entrance, then wait until it is prepared and you take it to your table yourself. It was not too busy when I visited so there were like 5 waiters/hostesses not doing anything, and they didn't offer to bring my food when it was ready. Even in A&W or KFC they do it. It only seemed to bother me so I guess self service is a new trend in Jakarta.

Then, the menu is super small: You have 4 burgers with a strange mix of ingredients, and a limited selection of drinks (especially if you don't want to drink alcohol). I took the Baby Huey burger, which was simply not good (and overcooked). It is as if they had randomly combined ingredients without tasting the final product. I'm sure some people will say it is the best burger they've ever tried, probably because they think the weirdest a dish is, the best it is. I don't think that way. If you like classic food with quality ingredients and perfect cooking, Three Buns is not the place for you. 

The comfort of the restaurant is the last thing that made me want to leave. It was really hot and there was not aircon (apart from big fans). Actually, there is a huge aircon in the entrance, when you want to order your food. So upon arrival you don't notice the hell you are getting into. Once you pay, then you get to sit in chairs with tables that are not well adjusted. For a drink it would be fine, but for eating, you'd rather eat in a bench in a park (if Jakarta had parks).

Overall:  I still recommend you to try Three Buns as it is a fresh concept and as the atmosphere is busy. But personally after one try I think it is enough.
Three Buns Burgers and Cocktails
Jalan Senopati Raya 90 
Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta 12190, Indonesia 
Phone number: +62 21 2930 7780

They are also supposed to open in Singapore but I don't have information about the location until now.

4 comments to '' Three Buns Burgers and Cocktails (Jakarta & Singapore) "

  1. you totally right . its too expensive and bad service and taste ..

  2. I couldnt agree more. Tried once and will never go back. For 120rb burger can i get my burger on the table please ?? And burger was not that good.

  3. Hello,

    TL; DR - I will go back again

    Full version - i went to Three Buns on Saturday May 31, 2014. I thought the burgers were tasty with a sorry of sweet flavor due to the toppings. I was very full after eating. also, the alcohol menu was interesting and the cocktails were strong enough to get me a little tipsy. there was air conditioning when I went as well as fans so I thought the climate was very comfortable. in fact the bathrooms were even air conditioned. the service was quick and the staff friendly. I liked the background music as that is one element that is usually missing from indonesian restaurants. also, the lighting was very nice, not like the usual harsh fluorescent lights you find in jakarta. finally, I thought the setup and decor were interesting and fun. I'm disappointed to read the other comments as my experience was very good. I will return again. also, there is a restaurant next door called Moma (spelling?) that looked interesting. also, the ping pong cafe (reviewed here - is about 2 minutes away by car.

  4. They are opened in Singapore at Keong Saik Road