Tease Club is located inside Emporium Spa, on Jalan Pecenongan. It has been managed by the Alexis group (behind Alexis and Colosseum) for a couple years now.

It is the only club that has live sex shows in Jakarta to my knowledge. Yes you read correctly. Every Wednesday night, they have those special events with actors (woman and male) performing sexual acts in the club.

I never saw it but the staff from Tease Club gave us the information. They were telling us to come back in a few days because they have "Pattaya style sex shows". The same staff also proposed us to pay to get one of the stripteasers (who go fully nude) in the hotel room. The price they wrote down was 400,000rp for a handjob (20 min), 620,000rp for a blowjob, and 1,800,000 for full sex in the room. I tried to keep the paper but the waiter insisted to take it back.

Since I'm in Jakarta, I had never seen a bar/club behind so upfront about sex. I don't know if it is because the owner is well-connected or because Jakarta is becoming more liberated.
This is the only picture we managed to take. Security was very careful.
We tried to take pictures inside the club with our phones but the security made us erase them. There was non-stop striptease when we were there with the same routine. 5 girls go on stage and start to dance with a sexy uniform. After 5 minutes, they remove everything except bra and thong/G-string. After 5 more minutes they remove the bra and just before finishing, they will get totally naked for about a minute. Then they will go around the room and offer private lap dance which will last depending the number of drinks you will buy her (ladies drink at Rp50k).

Once a group of girl is done dancing, another one go on stage and do the same. The dancing was not incredible, there were some who could do pole dancing though.

Overall: If you are looking for a strip club in Jakarta, Tease is one of the most daring and most open.

Tease Club
Emporivm Hotel

Jalan Pecenongan Raya No. 29-31

In front of Red Top Hotel and 100 meters after Alila

Phone number: +62-21 352 1122
Fax number: +62-21 352 1155

Opening hours:
Everyday from 9pm to 4am (on Sunday from 8pm to 3am)

I took this official picture of the place on their website: Emporium Spa and Club Jakarta

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  1. I went to Tease last night (Sunday). Even though it's open from 8pm, nothing starts until 10. While I was waiting for the dancers to start up, the papasan explained the system there to me. The prices listed above are still current. There were actually 4 options listed, packets A, B, C and D. B was HJ, C was BJ and D was FJ, but I didn't think to even look what A was.

    Basically, the dancers are like the line up you get from the mamasans in other clubs. It's better though, because instead of 10 girls in dresses who all say "Selamat Malam" on command and then stand there awkwardly while you chose, there's 5 girls doing there bit on stage while you check out their bodies.

    I was just meaning to go for a look, but after I saw a stunning dancer go up for the first set, I knew what I was going to be doing that night. I told the papasan which one I liked, and he told the other girls to swap poles with her so she could dance in front of me for the rest of the set. I chose packet C first, and was shown to a series of little booths in a corridor off from the toilets. They all have a small couch along one side. They look like they're just designed for getting sucked off in.

    Anyway, when I saw the little booths, I asked to upgrade. If you take packet D you go to a hourly hotel room just like in alexis or malio or where ever else.

    Girl was stunning. Attitude was ok, though she told me she had the flu and sariawan. She actually said she could give head because of the sariawan, but I just said I don't understand and pushed her head down...I'm a real gentleman like that :) It turns out she could do a pretty good job at it even with the sariawan. Finished off fucking her on the bed.

    All in all, it's one of the better experiences I've had in jakarta, though at ~2juta with tax it's a bit on the expensive side.

    As for the wednesday sex shows, all I saw when I was there were table talkers about special guest DJs on Wednesday. I tried to ask the papasan, but he didn't seem to understand the question (this club is fucking loud) and just repeated his spiel about the packets you can get from the dancers.

  2. Went back to check out the Wednesday night show. The special guest DJ is a female DJ who leaves the turntables on occasion and pole dances. When she first starts to play the girls all seem to disappear for about half an hour. There's no live sex show as far as I saw.

    I asked one of the PR girls who was pretty chatty, and she said the DJ thing is the only special part about Wednesday nights. I left at about 1am, so maybe it happens some time after that, but I kind of doubt it.

    The special DJ starts at 12 midnight. When the girl return at 12:30am they start to strip full nude. Before that, they only go to panties while on stage. They'll do pretty much anything for a couple of ladies' drinks while walking around though: I saw a guy with two fingers knuckles deep in one of the dancers.

  3. Let me confirm it again:
    There is no live sex in this place now.
    Strip dance with around 3~4 girls dancing, naked after 12:00pm.
    but the naked show will just last around 1 minutes.
    very quickly.

  4. Why are most western men obsessed with prostitutes/ayam? Are normal indonesian girls not attractive to them?

    1. good question, any western guys can explain it?:)

    2. I actually believe it is not western men visiting these clubs. Whenever I visit these clubs I never see western men, BUT they are full of Chinese men.

    3. Many western men (of which I am one), probably are married or have girlfriends. They feel they can have a relationship with a prostitute and not have to worry about the girlfriend or wife back home.

      That would be my guess

    4. Its suppose to easier if u guys are Bule to get indo girl (except prostitute) basicly they thought bule are very rich and have a good living in jakarta

  5. easy to understand
    one indo girl after ACTION request more and more
    one prostitue you pay and you leave without story

    1. That is so true - And Indo girlfriends are so money-hungry and money obsessed.... They want and want and want - there is never enough. Thats where prostitutes come useful - pay once only, not forever!

  6. very good quote... :)

    1. Pros: Pay once and Forget !!!

      Indo GF: Forget paying once !!!

  7. So confirmed no more live sex show??

  8. dont forget on saturday nights they have lesbian sex shows starting at 12

  9. Went last night around 10 after FJ/FS at F1 Boutique spa. The place was alright but crowd was thin (maybe because of Sunday???) Its on the second floor and entry was free. Sat on table three near the entrance as it gave a vertical view of the file dancing poles though the farthest was pretty far. Since the deed was done a few hours back wanted to get some eye candy and relax. Ordered a Guinness pitcher for around 260K.

    One customer liaison girl (yes girl) came to me and explained the prices for the girls. This girl spoke very good English and sat in my table. Very pretty and very young ( I would say not more than 21) She was chosen for talking to guests as she could converse in English. I ordered a long island for her as she requested. She started explaining I can have the dancers sit with me for a couple of LD's but I bided my time saying I first see the wares before I choose. She understood what I intended.

    We started talking and was surprised at her intelligence. She didnt look too indo to me and looked more like HK or singapore chinese. Started liking her and probed about her more. She said she used to work in Malio club as a dancer before moving to here for better working conditions. Man was I in luck and ended up conversing till 2 AM with her. She must have had 5 or 6 long islands (100K each) but worth it as I was starved for an intelligent company. Ordered some cashews and some local fair for side eats. As I'm in Jakarta till 25, she told me to come on 24th night for a Christmas special show. She called one of the dancers who again didnt look Indo at all (large eyes, fair skinned and spoke decent English) to keep me company as she didnt want to miss her ride home. Bid adieu and specifically asked if I would come again. For sure if I dont have other interesting thing to do.

    The dancer said she is an Arab mix (hence the different looks and she is not a LB or TG as I checked her out in full nude when she was dancing) Got her 5 LD and told her not to ask for more but just let me enjoy. She was a cracker jack, making fun with the waiters and me al the while feeling me up and grinding in my lap. I asked if she can make it to my hotel and she said not today but on her off day on Wednesday (my last day! Damn!!!) Gave her my number and told her to get in touch with me.

    Asked for the bill (kept the tab open and ensured I signed each and every order to avoid any confusions). Total IRP 1.7 mil. Not bad for five hours of club scene and some nice company. Tipped the waiters 150K as they were very service oriented.

  10. bro. Can you share her contact with me? I interested to go there.

  11. sorry. my email address. gorillaz1031@yahoo.com Will going there have a business trip from 23 FEB to 27 FEB 2015 afternoon.

  12. Any foreign girls for service

  13. Went there last night
    This club located in 2nd floor for fdc was 100k the club is very small.
    But i went there when its ramadhan month. So no nude or sex show.
    One of the sexy dancers talk to me and i think she love me.
    The mami always offering me package B C or D, B was a HJ cost 550k. C was a BJ cost 650K D was a FJ cost 1.8mil.
    But i didnt came for those.
    Just enjoy the night.
    But at least the dancer are pretty and really hot. Sometime their flashing their boobs to me.
    Damned .....

  14. Bro ,,
    sorry I just want to know,,
    what time sexy dancer ??
    and what time finish dancer ??

  15. Is there still action here?

  16. Small nicely decorated place with some hot, pleasant and entertaining ladies. I went their on a Friday evening around 11am and stayed for a beer while spending some money only lady drinks (about 100k for two lady drinks (they always ask for two drinks!!!)). Some put off the bra, but no one was fully naked.

  17. A quick update that Tease Club has had a big renovation and has now moved to the 5th floor of Emporium. The soft opening was on Monday 19th February, 2018. The new club is much bigger then the old location, it is in a long room with very high ceiling. The main stage in the middle for dancing and DJ Booth and also band performances. There are VIP Sofas along both walls and table service through the middle with a small dancefloor. It reminds me a little bit of Dragonfly although obviously not as classy. You have a new huge LED screen behind the stage and a roof mounted LED lighting system which is very cool. They are having a big soft opening week with events on every night including lcoal bands and DJ's and special bottle promo's. On Monday night it was very busy with over 300 people inside the club. The hostesses were very naughty as well when they joined our table and happy to flash their boobs. Lady drinks cost about rp.100,000. I would recommend checking out as a good new edition to Jakarta nightlife.

  18. Went there yesterday until midnight, some girls in dresses or hot pants, a band in between but definitely as far from a strip club as it gets. Girls are 7/10, politely ask for drinks but nothing naughty going on.

  19. Went there on a Thursday at around 11pm. Club was on 5th floor. Not empty but not packed either. I was sat to a stunner Girl which talked decent English. Bought her two lady Drinks (100 each). Another girl approached me and asked for a drink (300). I was shocked but accepted AS she was pretty and entertaining.
    Dancing in the stage was OK but not nude. No service was offered to me. So at the end I left with about 1000 on drinks and little eye candy. Nothing naughty and thus too expensive for my taste.