Update 2017: Safehouse has changed location and it is now in Menara Anugrah (still in Mega Kuningan).

In just about a few weeks, I received 3 emails from readers recommending me to try Safehouse in Bellagio Mansion in Mega Kuningan.

As I am a docile blogger, I went there last Friday with a friend. It is located where Piccolo used to be, and it is a mixed concept: Restaurant, Bar, Club, Store.

It was opened by the designer and make of the sneaker brand "SomeAreThieves" (which is why the place is called Safehouse). The idea behind the restaurant was to promote the brand by attracting the trendy crowd of Jakarta.

They hired Tomasso Gonfiantini, the Chef who opened the first Trattoria in Jakarta (before it changed its name to Pepenero). He actually came to see us, which was nice, and recommended us one of his sandwiches, which according to him are the Signature food of Jailhouse.

My sandwich was the "Gourmand" (95,000rp++) and it had Brie and Pesto inside a crispy, fresh baguette from Paul Patisserie. It was up to par for Jakarta, but nothing too special if we compare with baguette sandwiches available in France (sorry for being snob, but it is true). The fact that the baguette was from Paul helped the sandwich a lot.
The burger "Handcut Angus" (80,000rp++) was also good, as one could expect for the price.

We had a few cocktails which were rather expensive for Jakarta (135,000rp ++ for a Caipirinha). BUT the barman had a very heavy hand and he even added more cachaça when I asked him to. So, in the end, it was good value for money as only a couple of them made us cheerful...

The DJ started to play around 11pm and it was up-to-date electronic music, the kind you rarely hear in Jakarta. The bar was crowded at that time, especially with what seemed to be a gay crowd (maybe 30%). The rest was made of young expatriates and hip looking Indonesians. I felt that many people knew each other already.

Overall, a nice addition to Jakarta nightlife, which will probably get more and more busy with time.

Safehouse Bar, Restaurant and Store
Lobby Level, Bellagio Mansion
Jalan Lingkar Mega Kuningan, Jakarta
Phone : +62-21 3005 0510

Facebook : the SAFEHOUSE
Twitter: Safe House Jakarta
SomeAreThieves: www.somearethieves.com

Pictures were taken from the Safe House facebook as I didn't have my camera with me that day.

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