I suspected Royal Palace Bali to be a high end prostitution place in Denpasar after I saw an advertising in Jakarta. There were trying to lure young girls from Java to come to Bali by saying they could get salaries up to 20,000,000rp per month to "have fun" and "drink alcohol" with guests.

I looked a bit on internet and found out I was right. It seems quite big and rather upmarket. Massage starts at 300,000rp (with no sex and no plus plus). At 450,000rp, you can get a plus plus (handjob). At 750,000rp you can get full sex (butterfly package).

I'm discovering that Bali nightlife is very similar with Jakarta but much more hidden. A similar massage parlour in Bali is Riverview Spa.

Royal Palace Massage Parlour and Karaoke
Jalan Diponegoro 180 Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia 80119

Phone number: +62(0) 831 1944 0666
Email: info@royalpalace.com
More pictures from their facebook: Royal Palace Spa and Club Bali

3 comments to '' Royal Palace Karaoke & Spa Bali "

  1. somebody went here can give us broader view? the girls looks pretty

  2. ok i went to the royal palace spa in bali the new one on Jalan Dewi Sri in kuta. its right next to Star Bugar. the Internet price says rp750k for butterfly package is bullshit. i was told price is now rp800k.. so aftwe paying you get choose the girls. it was about 11am so about 5 girls available. they looked ok and good but definitely not stunning and a few girls had tattoos which is a turnoff for me as shows a seasoned working girl. the rooms are better than star bugar but TINY compared with Riverview Spa. in the room the big downer was no hot or warm water in shower. the girl did NOT shower with me as I was asked to shower alone in an air conditioned room in cold water. i expected better. the preliminary massage was mediocre at best. Xclusive and Riverview you get a better massage at first. Just BJ no BBBJ. u expect more for rp800k. the FJ was soso as I was asked to do all the work. Summary, worth checking out once but I don't think I will ever go again. bit pricey for what you pay for considering the service and tiny room with cold water shower alone. girls look better on average than star bugar, but Xclusive and riverview spas has same quality or better girls.. also do NOT tip the girls. there is NO need after what u paid.

    1. Royal Palace..
      Worst i have ever been

      Tiny dirty rooms, cold water only shower.
      Smelly dirty bed, pillow and towels.

      For full service,
      Told me 1,005K for one girl for an hour,
      And 3,000K for two girls for an hour and a half. I was like wtf...??? Girls were ugly.
      When I tried to walk out, they said 2,500K for two girls.
      I tried two girls, complete mistake, as the girls were giggling and talking to each other the whole time and extremely poor service.
      The room wasnt big enough for 3 people anyway
      Would never go back.
      Seriously.... "3million"!!!! For two girls.
      I'd rather go to Riverview. At least they have fixed price, big nice rooms.