Nip and Dram is a Whisky and Fine Spirit bar located in Landmark Center near Jalan Sudirman. In Jakarta, it is as close as it gets from a true Gentlemen's Club. While it is not member's only, it is clearly targeting a male, upper-class crowd. Women are allowed of course, but the feel of the bar is very masculine.

The team behind it is a group of 10 people, Indonesians and Expats, among which (from what the waiter told me) the owner of Blue Bird, the previous GM of Keraton at the Plaza (Klaus Woizik) or the previous GM of Buddha Bar Jakarta (Bogdan Vlase).

The prices are among the highest of any other bars in Jakarta. Cocktails start at 165,000rp++ and the (extensive) list of alcohols includes bottles costing up to 50 million rupiah per unit. They also sell cigars.

Nip and Dram is dark and intimate, with live music 4 times per week (Jazzy on Wednesday and Thursday, Top 40 on Friday and Saturday). It is recommended if you are looking for a classy, quiet place to have a drink, and of course if you enjoy alcohols that are not always available elsewhere in Jakarta.

They also have a kitchen, but I didn't try any of the dishes.
Nip and Dram Jakarta
The Landmark Centre II
Jalan Jend. Sudirman No. 1, GF
Jakarta, Indonesia 12910

Phone number: +62-21 5790 3991
Opening Hours:
From Monday to Thursday from 5pm to 1am.
From Friday to Saturday from 5pm to 3am.

Twitter: Nip & Dram Whisky Bar
Instagram: Nipanddram
Facebook: Nip and Dram Jakarta

6 comments to '' Nip and Dram (Whisky Bar) "

  1. Hi Thibaud, you should add that they have minimum spend on weekends to get sofas which is so expensive. 3,5 Million to 6Mrp just to be seated is crazy! Don't go to Nip and Dram if you have a local salary!

  2. dont go there if you with two people , one bottle plus food just to justify the price of 3,5jt with shit service and stupid waiters? better spend it at Face Bar or Bats down the road

    1. i think there is a reason they charge so much and its to keep the trash out ...wont see any models at BATS...

    2. BATS still the best! Depends on what you're gonna do there? I came for the band and the's all good..

    3. keep the trash out means any one who enjoys a drink or two and not a bottle is trash? and i know a lot of trashy models i said better spend it in a environment where they are welcome and less pretentious.

  3. And don't go there wearing a kilt. Went for a drink the night of the Scottish referendum and they wouldn't let me in because I was wearing my kilt (and sporran)! No... stop laughing, I'm serious! Sober, well dressed and... on the street. My buddy called one of the bosses he knows at home; message we got was, 'okay, we'll make an exception'. So the next time a Scotsman in a kilt shows up he'll be shown the door? Bite me, #nip&dram