Ismaya Catering Co (Changed its name to People's Choice in 2014) is usually one of the busiest cafés in the level 5 of Grand Indonesia, which is already the most interesting area in the mall for dining/hanging out.

It is rather basic, and it is actually just an extension of their catering company, whose office is next to the cafe. Its success probably comes from the simplicity behind it, and from its hybrid status office/café. It is a bit confusing but I think the objective for Ismaya is to promote their catering business through this outlet.

The menu is rather small, but a new one is coming soon. Currently, it does not have anything special: Ismaya Catering Co. serves the usual mix of Asian and Western favourites + a lot of junk food. The prices are rather low for a café in Grand Indonesia from Ismaya (50,000rp++ for an appetizer and 75,000rp++ for a main course).

The best thing about the place is the atmosphere. The music selection was very good and it got me pumped up at 2pm. It is also rather busy so you can easily spend an afternoon there looking at people pass by (yes that's what I like to do).

Overall: I would come back but only for a drink or a small snack. Hopefully their new menu will be extended and feature more original dishes.
Ismaya Catering Co. Jakarta
Grand Indonesia - West Mall, Level 5

Phone number: +62-21 2358 1157
Mobile phone: 0818 897 878

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