In just a few years, the number of Mexican/Spanish/Latin restaurants in Jakarta has exploded. 5 years ago, to my knowledge there was only Amigos, and now I counted over 10 of them. I know it doesn't really make sense to mix Mexican and Spanish food into one single review as they are not related at all but I think they are part of a similar trend. 

Jakartans are craving for convivial ways to eat: Restaurants that are modern without being uptight and where the food can be shared with friends. Latin countries also have a positive image in the mind of many. Tell them Spain, and they think Party, Sexy, Friendly or Fun (and probably Soccer).

Most of those new Spanish/Mexican restaurants are located in the expatriate areas of Jakarta: Kemang, Cipete, Sudirman/Thamrin. Only Caliente (Mexican) has a branch in Pantai Indah Kapuk and Tapas Movida has one in Cilandak (CITOS).

I ranked the restaurants according to several criteria: Food, authenticity, value for money, atmosphere, consistency.

Here is my list of Jakarta's Best Spanish and Mexican restaurants:

Plan B (Senayan)
Good, reasonably-priced authentic Spanish cuisine and tapas by a Spanish Chef. Popular with Spanish expats.

El Asador (Kemang)
Latin-American restaurant specializing in grilled meat (and therefore rather expensive). Owned and managed by an Uruguayan Expat. It also has live music, and Cuban/Salsa nights.

Gonzo's (Kuningan)
Fun and friendly restaurant serving Mexican, Tex-Mex and Texan dishes. Casual atmosphere with very affordable prices and great taste.

Casa Espana (Kemang) (CLOSED)
Spanish-owned fine dining Spanish restaurant, it has evolved recently to include more variety in its menu (lower priced items and Asian food). It is popular for its salsa nights on Saturday. (CLOSED)

Entrada (CLOSED)
Upmarket Spanish restaurant in SCBD. A bit expensive for what you get, but the design and atmosphere is nice. 

First authentic Mexican restaurant to open in Jakarta. Good food and cozy atmosphere.

Tapas Movida
Homey Spanish Restaurant in Cipete Raya. Decent food at a reasonable price. A second branch has opened in CITOS.

Taco Local
Tiny Mexican restaurant with excellent value for money.

New trendy restaurant in SCBD, it is a popular hangout place on weekends before clubbing. I found the food average for the price and not really Spanish: Many dishes are Western and just translated into Spanish.

The pioneers of Tex-Mex food in Jakarta, popular with expats and families. They have salsa nights on Tuesday and Friday in Kemang. It also has a branch in Mall Bellagio in Mega Kuningan.

Cheap Mexican restaurant in Grand Indonesia. Good value for money but not authentic.

Affordable Mexican food in a modern atmosphere. 2 branches in Jakarta in Lippo Mall Kemang and Pantai Indah Kapuk.

Cuadrilla (CLOSED)
Cute restaurant Jalan Benda in Kemang. It serves Tapas but also Italian and Greek food.

13) Taco Express: Specializing in Tacos with delivery in Kemang area. Decent food and good value for money.

14) Tapas de Espana (Central Park Mall): I haven't tried it yet, but I passed in front of it. Popular with Indonesians, it is more a bar and drinking joint that a restaurant it seems.

Update 2016: You should also try Basque Restaurant in Mega Kuningan, Por Que No in Menteng and La Hoya in Gandaria.

I am not the Ambassador of good taste, so if you disagree with me, please leave a comment!

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  1. I did get food poisoning from my only time I ate at at Amigo's @ bellagio. Sometime early last year...

  2. How about Taco Local in Kebayoran Baru ?

  3. Taco Local is currently under renovation... we don't know what the result will be so we will add it to our Mexican restaurant list only after they open again...

  4. Tapas Movida is by far the best Spanish Restaurant there is in Jakarta. I personally think authenticity is not based on the crowd or who cook it. It's the idea of what's the restaurant is trying to say with their service, their food and etc. Been to Entrada, Plan B, Casa Espana these are decent Spanish Restaurant have their own trademark and etc but the value of money is totally not there. And I am the type of person will spend more on a good service and good food.

    1. I must say I have never made a faster exit than when my friend & I visited Tapas Movida. We have visited Spain many times, and love to hang out in tapas bars and know Spanish food well. When the waitress at Tapas Movida showed us the range of tapas on display, I must say they looked tired & unappetizing, hence the quick exit. I personally prefer Plan B,

    2. Did you visit the branch in Citos or Cipete?

  5. Taco Local is reopened now with bigger space. The new carnitas tacos are freaking fantastic!

  6. Monday June 16, 2014

    TL;DR - Hacienda has good food, spicy salsa, mariachi band, salsa dancing night, and a nice happy hour. Amigos had good food and the Bandung branch had a band and dance floor. Soleluna (aka Tapa Espana) in Bandung was disappointing.

    Longer Version -

    Hacienda has two branches in Jakarta, one at the Pondok Indah Mall Street Gallery and another in the Arcadia Plaza (same building as Red Square) in Senayan City. They run a happy hour from 5pm - 7pm and many of their margaritas are half price, actually it's buy one get one. I think the Senayan Branch does a second happy hour after 11pm also. I've liked everything I've ordered at hacienda and the prices are reasonable though not cheap. I really like their salsa as most other mexican restuaruants serve salsa that is too sweet and tastes more like pasta sauce rather than salsa. They restuarants also host a mariachi band on some nights as well as salsa night. The staff has always been friendly and the service prompt. I go to hacienda whenever I am able.

    Amigos is another mexican restaurant that serves decent quality food but lags behind hacienda in terms of both quality of food and service. The bandung branch has a dance floor and occasionally a band that will play requests or just do their own thing. You can also karaoke with them if you want.

    I would avoid Soleluna and Tapas Espana. These are the same restaurant but with different names/locations in Bandung. I've been to both. Neither was good. The service was slow, the dishes were not very tasty, and the staff was incompetent. I was with Indonesians when I went and even they said the service was bad and had trouble communicating with the staff. We still talk about this weeks later. The Soleluna branch had a two person band playing and they were pretty good.

    1. Hello Anonymous, thank you for the reviews you post on Jakarta100bars... Please PM, I'll be happy to discuss with you... You can mail me

  7. To those who read this review: Casa Espana is now CLOSED. The owners have relocated to Bali.

  8. There is a new Tapas restaurant that just opened on Jalan Cokroaminoto, near Rasuna Said. It is called Por Que No? and you will find it in De Ritz Building.

  9. Tapas Movida ga enak. A far cry from the foods that I had tasted while traveling in Spain a few years ago. Will try Plan B soon..