Beer Brother Bar + Kitchen is located in Taman Kemang, a residential area of Kemang which has seen a recent surge in bars and restaurants. This new nightlife area comprises Umbra, Cowboy Bar, Parc 19, and the Colony Building.

Beer Brother opened about a year ago and it has managed to become successful rapidly. It is quite similar with other joints such as Bremer or Beer Garden, but there are a few notable differences: The design and marketing of the bar is more sophisticated and original, the music louder, and the choice of food and drinks really extensive (the menu must have 25 pages). The prices are not that cheap though except for basic beer.

I was there just before a Champion's League quarterfinal, on a Tuesday, and it was full with a crowd ranging from young expats to hip Indonesians and high school kids. Most people come with a big group.

I enjoyed my time there, but a few things could be improved: The service and cleanliness was too relaxed. The waiter just unloaded all the drinks at our table and left. We then had to sort out which ones were for who and to distribute them ourselves.

We also had a pizza which was really poor: Over salter and undercooked, even though the price was high (74k for a Margarita). Really not recommended for food.
Overall: Beer Brother is recommended to have a drink in a laidback, busy atmosphere. Do not go for food or if you expect something chic.

Beer Brother

Jalan Taman Kemang 2 No. 28
Kemang, South Jakarta
Phone: +62 (0) 817-170-799

Opening Hours:
Everyday from until late. Happy hours from 4pm to 8pm.

3 comments to '' Beer Brother Bar and Kitchen Kemang "

  1. Thibaud, nice to see you finally writing again.
    Finally, you have the time to review the bar. Do you remember that you came here during construction period?

  2. Yes I remember... at that time there was no bars or restaurants in that street and I did not expect the area could become so lively! Good job with that, I hope you can improve the kitchen and everything will be perfect!

  3. i love this place.. my favorit hagouts with vespa friends.. tx thibaud!