Bakerzin is a long-time favourite dessert restaurant in Jakarta. I had never visited it until recently, in the Central Park branch. The place was very busy and I could not get a table nor a waiter until a few minutes. My first impression was that everything was very confused and unorganized.

The manager of the restaurant may have seen that I was getting impatient and he started to take care of me, which really improved the whole experience.

The menu is not just a menu, it is a full book with photos and text. My initial plan was to eat, but the pictures didn't look appetizing. I just took a Strawberry Juice and a Cherry Flan.

Both were very average and they didn't match with the expectations one could have about Bakerzin considering its prices, its marketing, its locations (high-end malls), and its success.
Overall: I will not try Bakerzin again.

Opening hours:
From 10am to 10pm every day (following the mall schedule)

Contact Details of Bakerzin Restaurant:
Corporate Website of Boga Group (also the owner of Pepper Lunch):
Website of Bakerzin:
Facebook page: Bakerzin Jakarta
Twitter: @Bakerzinjkt
Bakerzin Instagram: bakerzinjkt
Bakerzin Path:
BB pin : 21E00811 

Phone: +62-21 29923715

Bakerzin Kelapa Gading Mall KG3 First Floor
Phone number: +62-21 458 53905

Bakerzin Mall Central Park Ground Floor
Phone number: +62-21 2920 0195

Bakerzin CITOS (Cilandak Town Square)
Jl.TB Simatupang Kav 17
Telp : (021)7592 0250

Bakerzin Plaza Senayan Second Floor
Phone number: +62-21 5790 0408

Bakerzin Pondok Indah (PIM 2) Third Floor
Phone number: +62-21 7592 0788

Bakerzin Plaza Indonesia First Floor
Phone number: +62-21 2992 3719

Bakerzin Summarecon Mall Serpong 2
Downtown Walk 2 Main Lobby
Phone number: +62-21 2931 0576

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