Oh La La Maison is an upmarket version of the Oh La La cafés. It is located in Mega Kuningan in the ground floor of Bellagio Mall. It serves mostly French food, French bakery and French pastries with some other popular Asian and Western dishes.

The design of the place is not extraordinary but it is neat. It features a wooden parquet, decorative tiles and various pictures or paintings of France on the walls.

I tried the Honey Dijon Chicken Baguette (72,000k++): The whole sandwich was good enough but the bread was very soft and unfortunately not tasting like a real French baguette.

I also had a Chocolate Croissant (20,000++), which was really big and again, far from tasting like an authentic Chocolate Croissant in France.

In spite of the disappointing food, I still enjoyed Oh La La Maison. The waiters were very attentive and friendly, and the general atmosphere pleasant with good lounge music and a busy crowd.

Overall: I would recommend the restaurant if you are not French and not looking for the exact taste you have back home. If you are French, you'll better visit for a drink only.
Opening Hours:
Every day from 7.30am to 2am

Oh La La Maison
Bellagio Mall
Mega Kuningan
South Jakarta

Website: Oh La La Indonesia
Facebook: Oh La La Cafe Indonesia
Twitter: Oh La La Café and Oh La La Maison
Phone number: +62-21 30029725
Email: marketing@ohlala-indonesia.com

This new concept of Oh La La Cafés, according to their own facebook, is also available in Plaza Indonesia, Kota Kasablanca and Gading Walk, Kelapa Gading

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  1. ... totally agree on the judgement of the bread, not tasty or crunchy as it should be, but the chicken filling was ok.