Hot Indonesian Girls with Tattoos (Pics)

By Jakarta100bars
Continuing the series I started about Sexy Indonesian Girls, I thought to compile here some of the most beautiful women in Indonesian with Tattoos.

As Indonesia is still conservative, it is still seen as unacceptable for a girl to get her body inked. In spite of that, it is rather common to see small ones that the girls make in parts of their body that their parents will never find out about.

Indonesian girls being rather impulsive and romantic, I believe many have a guy's name or initials from their teenage years tattooed somewhere.

The tattoo can also be the result of a trip to Bali with friends, where they get the influence of the tattoo culture there.

At last, there are also some real tattoo lovers, with an artist mindset, who do not hesitate to use their body as a manifest for inked beauty....

Anyway, I found another excuse to post some beautiful pictures of sexy Indonesian girls:

6 comments to '' Hot Indonesian Girls with Tattoos (Pics) "

  1. Some of these girls are NOT Indonesian

  2. Thibaud...what makes you think you know exactly all about indonesian woman? just because you have fucked few here and there of some bitches-you think you know them all

    Honestly this website is good to get other information, but dangggg sounds so rubbish when it comes talking about indonesian woman..

    1. Hi I don't pretend to know all about Indonesian women, why would you think that? Jakarta100bars is just an entertaining blog with random articles about my life in Indonesia that's all... Don't take it too seriously... If you knew me personally you would find out I'm very respectful and kind with Indonesians, men or women.

  3. I showed the picture of the girl with both arms done to my girl. She thought ir beautiful, but hesitated when I said I wanted her to get that too...
    Only a hesitation..., so there is hope yet !

  4. Hey who that on the first picture?

  5. Nice photos! As an expat who has been for 22 years I can say that most of your discussions about indonesian women are accurate. While you have some misconceptions about women here (like when you try and define them by western standards) most of your observations are correct. If they were totally wrong then this site would not be entertaining.